Week of March 11th (29)
Celebrating 50 years of tradition!
This Week:
March 11: JFF: St. Paddy's Scavenger Hunt
March 13: Science Expo (5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.)
March 14: Glee Concert @ 5:30 p.m.
March 15: Grade 3: Author's Tea
March 15 - 17: The 60th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival 
Looking Ahead:
March 18 - 22: Spring Break
March 25: Student Holiday / Teacher Work Day
March 28: Grade 5: Wax Museum / Admissions Open House
March 29: Grade 4 @ Kennedy Space Center
March 30: Destination Imagination Tournament
Wednesday, March 13th
Orlando Science Center
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
All Are Welcome!

We are all so excited about the upcoming Science Expo and look forward to seeing you there! To follow up on and clarify previous communication regarding student presentations of projects during this evening, this will apply to 4th -6th grade students only. We do, however, encourage our 3rd graders to circle back to their projects often and absorb all of the praise and love for them that will be flowing throughout the Dino Digs room. Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and support throughout this incredible journey. See you at the Expo!
The Orlando Science Center is graciously offering Park Maitland families a 20% membership discount. (This can also be used for renewal memberships). Just fill out the attached form and return to the front desk c/o Ms. Danae Pollack, by Tuesday, March 12th. Don't miss this amazing benefit!

* Participants also receive reduced rates for summer programs as well as fun advanced tickets for events year round. This offer is available for renewals and new memberships*
The 60th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival 
It's almost time for the 60th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. There are 40-50 "student" participants from schools throughout the county, and select Park Maitland students will be chosen to participate . Participants will be notified the week before the show. T

This is a fun family event for all and a great way to kick off Spring Break. There will be lots of beautiful art to be seen from artists from all over the nation.

Leon Theodore Schools Exhibit
Exhibit Set Up: Thursday, March 14, 8 am – 5 pm; Friday, March 15, before 9 am
Exhibit Pick Up: Sunday, March 17, 2019, 3:30 – 4 pm (Schools Exhibit closes Sunday, 3:30pm)
Festival Dates: March 15, 16, and 17, 2019
Location: Near New York Ave. and Morse Blvd. and WP Post Office
50 Years of Fabulous!
Our 50th Anniversary weekend was an exciting and memorable time, shared with many wonderful people that make up Park Maitland School's past, present, and future. Thanks to all who participated in our Alumni tours, our 50th Anniversary auction, and our Gala event, "An Evening on Our Lawn." The last 50 years have been nothing short of magic, and we look forward to 50 more!
Our K-4 students blew us all away in this week's show. It's Not Easy Being A Bunny !
Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Jaworski, has been sharing some fun and exciting tools and lessons with students! 4th graders did an activity on empathy, and 2nd grade students enjoyed her lesson on how life is like Jenga.
Our campus was a sea of silly hats and socks on Monday, as we celebrated Dr. Seuss and Read Across America. Our K-4 students even tried Green Eggs and Ham!
More photos from these events can be viewed on our  Smug Mug account. The password to access is tradition1819. Enjoy!
Summer is the time for campers to jump into new experiences while also delving deeper into their current interests. Our camp provides many opportunities for campers to explore and have fun.

Summer Camp Dates:
June 3rd - 28th • July 8th - 26th

Before care/Aftercare:
7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. • 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
*Available each day

Summer Camp at Park Maitland is comprised of 3 different camp experiences - based on the camper's grade for the 2019-2020 school year. Click on each graphic below for more information:

In addition, we are excited to offer full and half-day specialty camps to current Park Maitland students!

Full-Day Specialty Camp Options:
K-5 - 6th Grade: Camp Laugh-A-Lot
K-5 - 4th Grade: Dooby Dooby Moo Improv & Theater Camp
K-5 - 6th Grade: Art Camps
K-5 - 6th Grade: Brave Girls Camp

Half-Day Specialty Camp Options:
4th - 6th Grade Reading Enrichment Camps
3rd - 6th Grade Math Enrichment Camps
K-4 - 4th Grade Bubbles Basics & Beyond: Swimming Camp
3rd Grade Lemonade Wars Reading Camp

* More information can be found in the above linked camp brochures

Follow  THIS LINK  to register today!
Mrs. Talbert would like to invite
1 st  - 3 rd  grade library students to participate in our Summer Reading Book Swap!
Mark your calendars! 
Books will be  collected  starting April 8th until April 19th. (Spring Break is a great time to clean out your bookshelves).

 Book Swap will take place
during class library time
April 29th - May 3rd
Due to the variety of illnesses we have seen this year, Nurse Chouljian would like to share this friendly reminder...
Follow these steps to access the Read to Lead page on our new website layout:

1. Select "For Parents"
2. Select "Grade Level Pages"
3. Select "Classroom Pages" in the Grade Level box 
4. Select "Resources"
5. Scroll to the bottom for "Read to Lead" 

Read to Lead logs are due by the last school day of each month.
Dates are subject to change

August 12: Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 - Meet & Greet
August 13: Grades K-4, K-5, 5, 6 - Meet & Greet
August 14:  K-4 and K-5 first day of school
August 15:  Grades 1 - 6 first day of school
September 2:  Student/Teacher Holiday (Labor Day)
September 30:  Professional Development Day for faculty, Student Holiday
October 11:  Teacher Workday, Student Holiday
November 8: Professional Development Day for faculty, Student Holiday
November 25 - 29:  Thanksgiving Holiday
December 19: Early Dismissal Day
December 20 - January 6:  Holiday break
January 6: Teacher Workday, Student Holiday
January 7:  Students Return
January 15:  Early Dismissal Day
January 20:  Student/Teacher Holiday (MLK Jr. Day)
February 13: Professional Development Day for faculty, Student Holiday
February 14 - 17: Student/Teacher Holiday (President's Day)
March 13: Teacher Workday, Student Holiday
March 16 - 20:  Spring Break
April 10: Student/Teacher Holiday (Good Friday)
April 13: Professional Development Day for faculty, Student Holiday
May 22:  Student/Teacher Holiday
May 25:  Student/Teacher Holiday (Memorial Day)
May 26:  Final Day K-4 & K-5
May 27:  K-5 Bridging Ceremony
May 28:  Final Day Grades 1-6 (Early Dismissal Day), 6th Grade Graduation
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Come out to support our Park Maitland Eagles basketball teams!
Park Maitland School Presents:
Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 23rd, and plan to join us at the 
Bob Carr Theater for this magical event!
(Please note: Teacher pages are not updated for
the following week until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)

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