Newsletter #8 2020-2021
Peace • Love • Park Maitland
October 22: Hispanic Heritage Assembly
October 23: 6th Grade Gothic Fiction Night
October 26-30: Jack O'Lantern Celebration
October 29: 6th Grade Sneak Peek Event
October 30: K-4 & K-5 Halloween Fun Day
October 31: Read to Lead Logs Due
November 1: Empathy T-Shirt Day
November 7: Admissions Open House
November 9-10: K-4 Conferences
November 10-11: Picture Day
November 11: Veteran's Day Assembly
November 16-17: K-5 Conferences
November 19: Harvest Festival
November 20: Native American
Dear Parents,

I hope you felt rest assured by my letter in last week’s newsletter that we have been very successful in following Habit 1: Be Proactive in all things COVID here at Park Maitland. Following up on that, I want to share a few more developments that will set your mind at ease.

As of this writing, we are extremely proud to say that there have only been 2 individuals who have tested positive for COVID who have stepped on campus from our Park Maitland Family. Because of our safety protocols and procedures, there was zero spread to anyone else on campus. Additionally, no one has contracted COVID from any source on campus. We are also very proud of the effective communication that has been provided to families needing any guidance given by the Health Department. This affirms to us that our plan is working and working well. We absolutely need to applaud our entire school community for making this happen. It is due to everyone’s willingness to follow protocols, whether it be wearing a mask, proper sanitation, or even waiting patiently for us to safely open campus back up to parent volunteers.

While our current plan is succeeding, we want to plan for the future and know that we are making the best choices possible for our community. With that in mind, we have recently formed what we are calling our COVID Preparedness/Response Panel. This group of experts will advise us as needed to be fully prepared no matter the ever-changing circumstances we may face. We have gathered physicians from different areas of expertise to help inform our decision-making processes with regard to COVID. Thank you to Dr. Andrew Bagg, Dr. Jeffrey Kurzon, Dr. Daniel Landau, and Dr. David Sarkarati among others. A special thank you to Mr. Gavin Hall, Ms. Sam Kearns O’Lenick, and Mrs. Erin White for also lending their talents to the group as well. We are joined by Mr. John Courson and Mrs. Tania Chouljian in this endeavor. Our goal is to provide information and transparency to parents about advisements made and updates in protocol based on their expert advice. Please be on the lookout for upcoming communications from the group.

We feel the positive momentum rolling and see that our students are happy and learning. We can’t wait for you to participate in the many wonderful things taking place in our classrooms each and every day! We do look forward to uniting our school community once again as soon as we are able and look forward to the day we can see all the smiling faces we know abound at Park Maitland each day.

Have a wonderful weekend!
With Warmest Regards,
Mrs. Spillmann

Artists will have an opportunity to learn and create crafts inspired by Master Artists both legendary and contemporary in fun and innovative ways! Monday and Wednesday classes will offer the same lesson each week. Click here to learn more.
Important Reminder! When traveling Northbound on 17-92, please do NOT turn right on red onto Magnolia EVEN if there is space on Magnolia. This is discourteous to all parents traveling Southbound waiting patiently to make the left onto Magnolia. We expect this traffic rule to be followed as stated in our handbook. It takes everyone's help to keep our carpool running smoothly, and we do not ever want anyone's day ruined due to frustration over carpool. We very much appreciate the help and understanding. 
Time to refocus on Dress Code! Please remember that shirts must be tucked in and belts worn with belt loops. We have many students who have experienced growth spurts during last spring's distance learning, and since the length of our shorts and pants were not an issue online, new uniforms were not needed. Please check if your child(ren) now needs to order new shorts or pants that fit within our dress code guidelines.
Don't forget to register! Click Here to get to our official entry form! It's almost that time of year when friendly or fiendish demeanor will lineup our driveway. All families are welcome to participate in the fun and creative display.
It's that time of year again! Please send all photos that you would like to share with our Communications or Yearbook staff to:

*Please do not shrink photo/file size before sending
Click HERE to access the Read to Lead page. For your convenience, you can also access the Read to Lead page through the Grade Level Pages on our website.
Interested in seeing what's happening on campus? School event photos will be posted to our SmugMug page.
The password to access is: empathy2021.
We are recruiting parent volunteers for an upcoming Park Maitland project. If you have a background in marketing and/or PR and are willing to devote a few hours of your time, we’d love to hear from you! As well, if you just are passionate about Park Maitland, we’d love your help too! 

Please contact Davina Spillmann at

On Thursday, October 29th, we will be hosting our annual "Get the Scoop on 6th Grade" event for our 5th grade students and families. This is an opportunity for our 5th grade families to learn more about our unforgettable 6th grade year by getting to know our teachers, curriculums, and traditions. 

To RSVP to the Virtual Parent Zoom session, please click here:

If you are unable to attend the live Zoom, we will record the event and share it with you. 
We are excited to celebrate Veteran’s Day this year with a virtual assembly on Wednesday, November 11th. As is our tradition, we want to decorate our school with stars dedicated to the Veterans in your life and in our community. If you would like to decorate a star, please click here. Stars should be returned to school by Friday, November 6th. Please contact Angela Scarlato at with any questions. We look forward to sharing the recording of our wonderful assembly with the school community in our newsletter on Friday, November 13th.

Each week Park Maitland School will be featuring two Super Seniors. We hope everyone enjoys this opportunity to get to know our awe-inspiring 6th grade students!
Getting To Know Your 
Super Senior: 
Hannah Bevitz

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 7 (started in K-5)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Soccer
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • Aladdin
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • Art
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "The teachers are very helpful and the friends I've made through the years."
Getting To Know Your 
Super Senior: 
Davis Madsen

1. # of Years at Park Maitland: 
  • 7 (started in K-5)
2. Favorite Activity: 
  • Surfing, and golf
3. Favorite Movie: 
  • Borat
4. Favorite Subject: 
  • Math
5. Favorite Thing About Park Maitland: 
  • "The many different programs and clubs."
This week our teachers received a sweet treat from The Park Maitland Foundation.
Mrs.Commins surprised her 3rd grade students by taking them on the stage behind the curtain to enter "The Chocolate Shop". Students have been reading The Chocolate Touch for Reading. The students expressions when they saw the chocolate fountain! Yum!
It's that time again, 2nd grade students are designing their cards for the Winter park Holiday Card Contest in Art class.
Our outstanding student athletes are showcasing their talents and learning about the importance of empathy and integrity in sports as they sharpen their skills.
First graders learned about character traits this week and then made a poster about themselves listing their own character traits.
In Science, 2nd graders started learning about animals, beginning with reptiles. Today, Lylah shared her expertise on Leopard Geckos as part of our study. Lylah with one of her two Leopard Geckos!
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the following week until Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)
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