August 13, 2021
Park Maitland School Newsletter
Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to be back in school and see everyone’s smiling faces. We are excited to welcome all the families who are new to Park Maitland. 

It was great seeing everyone at Meet and Greet, and we are now gearing up for a fun and activity-filled fall. We have increased the amount of afterschool activities, as well as grown our sports program. We currently have over twenty afterschool activities that students can sign up for. To sign up for these afterschool activities, go to -For Parents-Elementary School Resources. We are also excited to bring back a full sports program this fall starting in October and will be offering no less than five different sports with multiple seasons for some of them. 

We know communication is key, thus be on the lookout for the Weekly Rewind each Thursday starting next week, the Weekly Newsletter on Fridays, and the Week at a Glance for your child's class on Sunday evenings. All are extremely informative and important to review. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

We are Park Maitland, and we are strong!

Michael Anna
Upcoming Events
Tues. 8/17 - Wed. 8/18: Glee Auditions
Thurs. 8/19 - Fri. 8/20: 6th Grade Beach Bonding Event 
Thursday 8/26: 5th Grade Parent Night
Friday 8/27: 6th Grade Parent Meeting
Monday 8/30: K4 Parent Night
Tuesday 8/31: 6th Grade Parent Night
Dress code and carpool safety
A few reminders for carpool and dress code.
School Policy
Apple Watches are not allowed. They in essense, serve the same purpose as a cellphone, and cells are not allowed out of student backpacks during the day.
Welcome Back, Park Maitland student!
Teachers all around campus have been ready and waiting for this day to embrace the joy of learning with our students. Happy first day of school!
This week we were very excited to see everyone back on campus for Meet and Greet. Looking forward to an unforgettable year!

Teacher's formed a tunnel to introduce our sixth g raders as we clapped and cheered for them. Afterwards, sixth graders then formed an entrance tunnel to welcome their future JFF's!
iPAD Update
School iPad Deployments

We are excited to announce that iPad deployments started this week! Please be on the lookout for their iPads coming home in their bags, along with their chargers in a ziplock over the next few days. The following is the deployment schedule:

  • Thursday August 12th - 6th Grade
  • Friday August 13th - 5th Grade
  • Monday August 16th - 4th Grade
  • Tuesday August 17th - 3rd Grade
  • Wednesday August 18th - 2nd Grade
  • Thursday August 19th - 1st Grade
  • Friday August 20th - K5 (iPads will remain on campus)

Keyboard, Case, and Carrying Bag

  • Students in 2nd - 6th grade are required to provide a protective case with a keyboard for their iPad. If your child is a returning student, then the iPad cases they used last year will still work. If looking to buy or replace the case, the case/keyboard combos we highly recommend are made by either Logitech or Zagg. We recommend selecting one of their more rugged cases to endure the daily handling and transport of the iPad. 
  • K5 and 1st grade iPads have a case already on them. You may opt to change them, but we recommend replacing them with a similar case as the OtterBox cases on them.
  • Carrying Bag: Additionally, because students will be traveling across campus with their iPads, as well as taking and bringing their iPads back and forth from home, and the iPads are the responsibility of the students to keep in good and working condition, we also highly recommend that students have a carrying bag for their iPad. The following are a few suggestions for this, but feel free to select any protective bag that would fit up to a 10.2 inch iPad: 

iPad Tips
Here are few tips for helping manage the iPad at home with your children:

Tip #1: Pick a common area at home to use as a charging location for the iPad so that students are able to put their iPads "to sleep" each evening that is away from their nightstands/bedrooms. 
Tip #2: Have students plug it in each night to give the iPad "full energy" to keep up with their learning and school needs the next day.
Tip #3: Set up screen time restrictions settings for help managing the iPad usage:*
*If you set up a Screen Time passcode, please submit the passcode here: Screen Time Passcode Submission Form. This passcode will be required for iPad troubleshooting purposes in the future.

Building Good Digital Citizenship Practices
In the coming weeks, and throughout the school year, we will be working with all students to introduce and continue to develop and build good digital citizenship practices. This will be embedded into their daily curriculum, but also be provided as additional enrichment through avenues like Design Thinking class and homeroom workshops. Also be on the lookout for a parent workshop in the coming months.

We are looking forward to a year full of amazing teaching and learning opportunities supported and amplified by the iPads and other campus technology!

The Park Maitland Technology Team
Health and Safety Protocol
Click HERE to review Park Maitland's Health and Safety Protocols that are being implemented to ensure the well being of our students, staff, and families.

Please note, this document will be updated and reshared as CDC recommendations and local mandates continue to evolve.