January 2020
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December 7 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: "Eight Ways to Pray for Family and Friends"
Scripture Reading: Colossians 1:9-12

The apostle Paul prayed faithfully for his spiritual family, understanding that prayer will help us grow in our spiritual knowledge. There are eight ways to pray for others:

1.      Intercessory prayer. Pray that they will be filled with the rich, full, exponential knowledge of God’s will. This will take us to our whole purpose in life, which, according to Solomon, is to fear God and keep His Commandments. 
2.      Pray for others that they will live lives worthy of God and Christ’s tremendous investment in us. We were saved in order to serve.
3.      Pray that they will live in ways that pleases the Lord. Obedience pleases God.
4.      Pray that they will bear much fruit. God produces fruit through Spirit-filled believers.
5.      Pray that they will grow in their knowledge of God, as a person knows a friend.
6.      Pray that they will be strengthened with all might, according to God’s power.
7.      Pray that they will endure when tested.
8.      Pray that we all give joyful thanksgiving to God. It’s a daily attitude of those who live worthily. Joy is the echo of God’s life inside us.

Let us foster a culture of prayer, going into 2020.
December 14
Sermon title: "Christmas Music Program"

Park received a tremendous blessing with the annual holiday sermon in song, "The Blessing of His Birth", sharing a variety of talent to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Pictures courtesy of Mathew George, Deshirl Rankins, and Irene Haas
December 21 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: "What Child is This?"
Scripture Reading: Hebrews 1:1-14

In days of old, God spoke to us through His prophets. The Old Testament tells of mighty men of God who saw beyond the ages to the coming of the Messiah. The messages of the prophets merge into one great voice—the voice of Jesus.

And at last, God spoke to us through His only Son. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The babe Who lay in Mary’s arms was the Creator of the universe. 

The Gospels tell us of His mission, how He lived and died, rose from the grave, and His soon return to bring us home to live in eternity with Him. 

Jesus is God’s last Word. We give God gratitude that Christ is born in our hearts.
December 28 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: "My Times Are in God's Hands"
Scripture Reading: Psalm 31:1-16

Sabbath School began with a Thirteenth Sabbath program.

Pastor Greg began his sermon with the question: As 2020 approaches, what should we be doing with our time? The answer comes to us from Scriptures: Grow in our love for our Savior and pray for God’s will in our lives.

In Psalm 31, David’s reaction to the stress and problems of life, was not to minimize or even dwell on trouble, but present it to God in a realistic and honest manner. David placed his trust in God’s goodness and surety. He prayed fervently and often. He understood through trials and hardships that it is not what happens to us that determines our emotional state, but what we tell ourselves about what has happened.

We must trust our future here on earth and place our eternal future in God’s hands. In 2020, face your fears with the help of Jesus in your life. 

Make your life useful in the service of Jesus, to the glory of God.

Pictures of Thirteenth Sabbath courtesy of Wesly Brouard
Winter Social
On Sabbath evening, December 14, Park held the annual Winter Social. The evening began with Elder Jerry Wilson sharing the Word of God at sundown worship. Afterward we enjoyed potluck dinner, enacted a story, played games, and had lots of fun!! 

Pictures courtesy of Mathew George and Deshirl Rankins.
Blankets for the Elderly
As part of Park's community outreach, members collected over 130 blankets and socks for the residents at the Genesis nursing home in Salisbury. The blankets were tagged with messages from children in Sabbath School class. Afterward, the blankets were distributed during the monthly nursing home visit on December 21st.

Pictures courtesy of Deshirl Rankins with the permission of residents shown below.
Maame Adwoa Elorm Raleigh
Luke Abraham-David Carlson
Answered Prayers
What a joy it was to meet Diane McGraw's daughter, Dana. We had actively prayed for Dana's health over the past year, and praise God for His healing power and for guiding her physicians during her recovery! We are privileged to serve the mighty Physician, and see evidence of His gracious mercy towards us.
Let us bring before the Lord our prayers of thanksgiving, petitions, and intercession. God is faithful in hearing the prayers of an obedient people. We gather together in unity and love, raising our voices before the throne of grace.