November 2019
"Even those I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.” Isaiah 56:7
October Sermons

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Faithful elder passing a tray contains cups of Holy communion spirit grape wine in the church

October 5 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: Prepared
Scripture Reading: Luke 22:7,8

Communion Sabbath

The last Passover service before Christ’s crucifixion, as retold by the apostle Luke, reminds us that God has a special work for each and everyone of us. Often it is something that only you can do. 

The room and the lamb were prepared for the Passover meal, but the disciples were not prepared . Jesus had arranged everything with purpose, taking on the role of a servant to bring about humble unity and reconciliation. Only Jesus can prepare our hearts.
Sermon takeaway: In Christ’s death we are reconciled with God. 
October 12 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: Philadelphia to Laodicea
Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:19-22

Today’s sermon focused on the final two churches in Revelation:

Philadelphia , the faithful church, and one of only two churches out of the seven that did not receive correction. The gospel spreads from this strategically located city. Is this church like our church? Is this church like you?

Laodicea , the wealthy, self-sufficient banking center. Although not in open rebellion, they were guilty of apathy. This lukewarm church needed repentance and the zeal of the Holy Spirit. This is the only church of the seven that had no commendation. Is this church like our church? Is this church like you?

Sermon takeaway: To the victorious individual is the promise to sit with Jesus on His throne.
October 19 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: The Throne Room Scene
Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:21-4:1

There is a transition in Chapter 4 from earth to the heaven and we see things from heaven's perspective, instead of earth’s perspective. The period is past the first century in earth’s history. 
Key word in chapter 4 is “throne”. The throne signifies power and authority. All attention is focused on the glorious throne, where God the Father is seated. But Jesus, the Lamb, is missing from this scene. Why? Because He was here on earth. The stage is set for Revelation Chapter 5 and the continuation of the throne room scene, and a shift from the seven churches to the seven seals. All attention is focused on the glorious throne.

Sermon takeaway: Those who overcome on this earth will wear the victory crown. 
October 26 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: Worthy is the Lamb
Scripture Reading: Psalm 24

Revelation 101 continues. John reveals how Jesus overcame and sat with His Father on His throne. 

Chapter 5 begins with the scroll containing seven seals, which no one but the Lamb that was slain is worthy to open. 
Chapter 6 – We examined the first four seals, with the reminder that the Old Testaments is essential in the interpretation of the symbols in Revelation.

Seal 1 – The Gospel spreads victoriously
Seal 2 – Those who reject the Gospel hurt themselves
Seal 3 – There is darkness in the world
Seal 4 – Wake up from the covenant curses and repent
Apple Picking at T. Smith Orchard
By Sharon Mathew
Apple picking was so much fun. On Sunday, October 13, we went to T.S. Smith Orchard in Bridgeville. We got to see and eat so many different kinds of apples. My favorite apple was the Fuji, which was very sweet.

There were many people that came from our church for the apple picking. All of us had so much fun, we kids kept running around the apple trees, taking pictures, carrying the little kids in the wagon, and picking lots of apples. There were so many different types of apple trees, which was a very pretty sight. There were some apples that fell on the ground that were bad.

I think the best part was praying together, taking so many pictures and spending time with my church family. Last but not the least, we all picked many apples and filled so many boxes and I still continue to take one apple a day to school for lunch. They still taste delicious. We also did visit the orchard farm house were there had lots of pumpkins. Kids had fun playing with the goats and hens at the farm.

Overall it was so much and I am waiting to do this again next year with my church family.
Family Relay Triathlon
by Grace Wilson
Sunday, October 6

One.. two.. three.. set go! And so the (sprint) triathlon goes every first Sunday in October in Crandall, Georgia. We have watched our daughters compete individually and even place in their age groups multiple times at the Sunbelt Cohutta Springs Triathlon.

However, since this is Hannah’s (our younger daughter) last year in college, Jerry and I decided we should join in the relay instead of watching it again from the sidelines. I figured this an activity I could do that is not as life threatening ( i.e back packing 250 miles or climbing base camp Mt Everest as they have done recently).

So here we are.. Rachel swam the 400 meters in the river, Jerry biked the 12 miles and I ran the 3.2 miles! It was a fun , memorable, family activity day !
Baby Shower for Linda & Charles Raleigh
Park joyously celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Raleigh! This will be the second daughter of Linda and Charles.

Congratulations to you both! Wishing you God's blessings as you dedicate your lives to raising your children in the love of Jesus!
Talents for the Lord
October 26 marked the monthly Talents for the Lord program. All participants gave their best to glorify God and received a blessing in the process. Thank you Rosemary and John for all your efforts in this program.
Let us bring before the Lord our prayers of thanksgiving, petitions, and intercession. God is faithful in hearing the prayers of an obedient people. We gather together in unity and love, raising our voices before the throne of grace.