March 2020
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Final Empire - Religious Liberty's Last Stand

From January 23-25, Park Church hosted the Voice of Prophecy series, “Final Empire”, with Shawn Boonstra. This important series focuses on the United States role in last day events and religious liberty.

Shawn Boonstra is a speaker for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry.

Photos courtesy of Deshirl Rankins.
Communion Service - January 11
Photos courtesy of Wesly Brouard.
February Sermons
Feb 1 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: "The First Four Trumpets"
Scripture Reading: Revelation 8
The sermon continues from the ongoing Revelation Series. Here we learn that each section of Revelation begins with an introductory Sanctuary scene.

In Chapter 8, there is a call to daily worship and daily, fervent prayer, and God responds to the prayers of His people.

The root of the trumpets is listed about 150 times in the Old Testament, from announcements of war, coronations, warnings, to a call to repentance during the 10-day Feast of the Trumpets, culminating in the Day of Atonement.

Trumpets sounded good news, as well as bad news. Trumpets also sounded judgement. And judgment is mingled with mercy. Judgement begins with God’s people (the church); those who claim to be His followers.

Chapter 8 ends with a transition. Things will become worse with the remaining three trumpets and impending judgements. Today is the day of salvation. Jesus is coming soon!
February 8 - Pastor David Klinedinst
Sermon title: "Revelation's Church of Laodicea"
Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:20

Pastor Klinedinst is the Evangelism Director for the Chesapeake Conference. 

What if you got a letter from Jesus? In the Book of Revelation, a letter was sent to the seven churches, which represent that era, as well as the churches down the ages to the Second Coming of Christ. The last church, Laodicea, was the luke-warm church—also the church of the last days. It was prosperous, materialistic, distracted, and lethargic. The letter was a rebuke, given in love, with the purpose of redemption. Laodicea was not in love with Christ as it once was, and they didn’t recognize it. They were given an opportunity to make a difference where they were, and to grow in their personal relationship with Christ. 

The letter was also written to you and me today.

We are in need of conversion, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, born again relationship with Jesus, and a daily surrender. Do people see Jesus in me? Where do I spend my time?

Jesus knocks at the door. How do we open the door to Him? Daily devotional with Christ, asking for the Holy Spirit.
February 15 - Rojan Mathew
Sermon title: "God's Valentine"
Scripture Reading: John 3:16

Rojan Mathew gave the sermon on his 19 th birthday! Happy Birthday Rojan! We were doubly blessed with the music of his friends, the praise group from Salisbury University, CRU.

Valentine’s week gives us reflection about the greatest love we have received: God’s love!

The most important appointment of the day is our time with God.

There are three kinds of love:
1. If
2. Because
3. In spite of. This is God’s kind of love.

People seek love, happiness, peace, and purpose. The Bible is where we find God. Were we find God we find all that we seek. Don’t waste time searching for something that God has already given to you. Do you love God? If you do, how do you respond? By feeding God’s sheep.

Photos courtesy of Mathew George
February 22 - Pastor Greg Carlson
Sermon title: "Woe! Woe! Woe!"
Scripture Reading: Revelation 8:13

Finding Jesus in Revelation continues with the last three trumpets, labeled as Woe!

Prayer is how we begin the message of the trumpets.

The whole purpose of the trumpets is to repent, pray, and change lives. The last three trumpets define an intensity and the division of two distinct camps.

The 5 th trumpet – When God gives Satan the freedom to roam the earth, Satan destroys it while God wants the people to pray and repent.

The 6 th trumpet – When God stops protecting the wicked, they refuse to repent, even though Satan intensifies his destruction of them.

Summary – God warns of the need to repent. He sends and allows difficulty, destruction, and death to get peoples attention. In such uncertain chaos, prayer continues to be our lifeline to God.Sin is self-destructive. As time comes to a close we must pray, repent and confess, return to Jesus and proclaim the 3 Angels Message.
February 29 - Elder Mark McDonald
Sermon title: "Praise in His Temple"
Scripture Reading: Psalm 150:1-2

Did you know that “praise” is an action verb? 

Praise means adoration, celebration, to acclaim, extol, commend, and applaud.

Praising God shines throughout the Old and New Testaments.  We are to praise Him in our physical bodies and hearts, to our brethren in the midst of the congregation.

Five of the most common terms for praise in the Bible are:

“Hallal” occurs 99 times in the Old Testament (33 in Psalms). It means “To celebrate, to laud, to boast.” It is the root of ‘Hallelujah’.”

“Yadah” means “To worship with extended hands, raised arms.”

“Barak” means “To declare God as the origin of power, success, or victory. Recognizes Him as the source of all resources, strategy , and strength.”

“Shabach” means “To shout or commend loudly.”

“Gil” means “To circle in joy; to dance in circles.”

Praise should be a regular part of worship, and all should have something to say during praise time.
Community Emergency Shelter Project (CESP)
Park Church Volunteers Feb 15 - 22
Church Social - Bowling at Eastern Shore Lanes
February 17
Don & Bonnie Rathel
69th Wedding Anniversary!
Announcing Pastor Tom and Mrs. Catherine Hughes
Welcome Kathy Hackley-Shubert's Grandson!

Walker Leigh Hackley was born to Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Hackley on February 24, 2020, weighing 9lbs, 22 inches long. Walker is the grandson of Park member, Kathy Hackley-Shubert . Congratulations to the Hackley family!
Answered Prayers

Park Church has been actively praying for Leslie, a friend of Kathy Hackley-Shubert, due to health issues. She is pictured on the far right, beside Kathy.

And prayers were answered recently when surgeons successfully removed a 12-pound tumor! Leslie is making a full recovery, and we praise God for His mercy and healing.
Rodney Carlson Obituary
Audrey Ross Obituary
Let us bring before the Lord our prayers of thanksgiving, petitions, and intercession. God is faithful in hearing the prayers of an obedient people. We gather together in unity and love, raising our voices before the throne of grace.