The Park and Garden District
At the center of Old Bradford lies the Park and Garden District, one of the most beautiful spots in Titan City. Sitting directly in the middle of Scholarton, New Bradford, Firetown and the Theater District, the Park and Garden District is made up of Byrne Park and many smaller gardens and open-air shops surrounding it.
Byrne Park features forested walkways and placid lakes fed by artificial waterfalls (they used to be natural until one of the branches of the river delta changed its course).
The lakes are stocked with fish, and while fishing in the waters is forbidden by law, that doesn't stop some people from doing it anyway.
Water flows out of the central lake into Old Alexandria Canal. The canal is also fed by numerous drainage pipes that feed the canal.
Old Alexandria Canal eventually flows out into the ocean, where the canal separates Scholarton (on the right) and New Bradford (on the left).
Byrne Park has a subway station at the center of the park that makes access very easy to explore the area:
The park and its surroundings contain some of Old Bradfords most interesting landmarks and mogul sites of interest, including Hippocrene and Black Star towers.
The Park and Garden District neighborhood has many secret corners to get lost in and is a favorite neighborhood to explore in Titan City!