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September 11, 2022

Join us this Sunday at Parkade as Pastor Christ begins a sermon series from Luke 15.  Focusing on Luke 15:1-7, if Heaven had a most wanted list, your name would be on it. This sermon will deal with God's desire to seek those who are far from Him.

Week of September 11-18

9/11 - Trustee Meeting, 12:00 pm

9/13 - Men's Prayer Breakfast, 6:30 am

9/13 - Personnel Meeting, 6:30 pm

9/14 - Wednesday Night Dinner, 5:30 pm

9/14 - Wednesday Worship, 6:30 pm

9/14 - Parkade Students, 6:30 pm

9/14 - Children's Choir, 6:45 pm

9/14 - Choir & Praise Team Rehearsal, 7:00 pm

9/14  - Prayer Meeting, 7:00 pm

9/18 - Deacon's Meeting, 12:00 pm

Community Groups to Start Soon

The Community Connection Groups are planning to begin next week. Several have signed up for one of the four groups available and are ready to participate.  Sign-up sheets will be available in the Welcome Center through Sunday, September 11. We encourage you to sign up and take part in one of the groups.  Just sign up with your name and phone number and your group leader will contact you. If you have questions contact, Pastor Christopher for more information. 

Blessing Box Donation Drop-off 

There will be a new drop-off spot for any food donations brought to the church. A table is set up by the east wall fireplace in the Welcome Center to collect Blessing Box donations whenever they are dropped off. Please do not bring them to the classroom they were originally brought to. Leaders are requesting to utilize the room for a Zoom Bible Study group in room S166. 

Blessing Box Food Ministry

Catch-Up Items

*pencil sharpeners

* Scissors

* crayons

* markers

* calculators

* washcloths

* soap


* pliers,

* tape measures,

* rope,

* screwdrivers,

* small flashlights,

* carabiners,

* electrical tape, etc.

The Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry leaders have collected donated items for the shoeboxes for almost a year! They appreciate your generosity! For September, some of the items they are asking for are “catch-up” items to reach their goal!

They would also like to send “tools” that would fit in a shoebox for 10-14 boys. (Many of these can be purchased at discount stores.) In many countries, when boys reach 15 years old, they are expected to join working adults and provide income for the family.

We appreciate your generosity and look forward to the OCC Packing Party on November 13th!

Contact Roberta Collins or Cathy Sanders for more information. 





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