Peace Assembly 2017
This week's snapshot is authored by Laura Graceffa, Head of School
Dear Parker community,
As you read through to the end of this snapshot, you will see a few culminations of projects we've been working on this fall. The new projectors are in place! And our robotics team competed last weekend and the 4-5 class delivered their stories to A Child's Place in Troy. We are proud and grateful.

We took time together this morning, to gather, and hear every voice in song. Today's music showed the learning and growth in choral and our band students. Many thanks to Sarah Militano, for working so carefully to get all the students ready for today. Music brings communities together.

During this week I asked student of all ages to tell me what peace is, and when and where they feel at peace. Their lines are composed into the found poem below. Notice that our school provides peace, as does the presence of family. So, to our families at this time of year, I would like to say, thank you-- for providing both a Parker education and a supportive family for your children.

Parker Peace Poem, 2017
It means calm
It means relaxed
It means knowing where your toys are
When just about to fall asleep
Falling asleep quickly
In my room

Making a new friend
People singing out to others
Helping people
The dove carrying the olive branch
Love, Being kind, Caring

Quiet, Calm, Cool
A hot summer beach
Peace is taking a walk
Snuggling with my cat
Walking with my dog
Talking with my friend

Hugging my Parker pal
Fuzz therapy
Eating food
Warm earth
Not being stressed
Going to Camp Chingachagook


Not fighting and trusting everyone
The opposite of wars
No cannons, No guns
Everyone coming together and living together with equality
Peace = Community

Peace is happiness

I wish you all a wonderful break and some memories for all to cherish. I look forward to welcoming one and all back in 2018!

Please click on the photo to see a slideshow of the day.
First concert for the preK3s. Click the photo for the slideshow of our day.

4-5 Storytellers 
Mission accomplished for the 4-5 class! The class visited A Child's Place in Troy, and read their legends to the preschoolers. They left the books and felt toys to be enjoyed by their new friends. Purposeful action!
The legend books
with their animal toys
Reading to preschoolers in Troy
Great interest in the legend
Parker Bots @ First LEGO League
Mission accomplished for Parker's Lego Robotics Team! The Parker Bots, competed in the First Lego League Tournament this past  Saturday  at RPI. After three months of working hard and supporting their teammates, The Parker Bots shone at the competition. For the research project component, our team created a prototype for a simple water bottle-based water filter to be used in the aftermath of hurricanes and other disasters where clean, potable water is scarce. The Parker Bots demonstrated their outstanding public speaking skills in their Core Values and Robot Design presentations. During the robot games, our teams' synergy, dedication and good sportsmanship were indisputable. Great work, Parker Bots!
New Projector Installations!
Mission accomplished for the projection project! Thanks to the generosity of a Parker friend, we have new projectors installed in nine rooms, including all middle school classrooms! The projectors project on to a special whiteboard called and IDEA board that functions as a screen that can be written on. We are grateful! We are excited!

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