A Note from Pastor Chelsea
Each week, I post a little something in our KiX Leaders Facebook Group, asking our team to share highlights from their Sunday morning experience. I am so blessed by their responses each week and thought it might be fun to share some highlights with you.

  • "One sweet baby spent time playing in the nursery after she woke up from her nap. Mommy and Dad were in service. This was a huge win! She followed another baby around and never cried!"
  • "A sweet baby boy cooed and smiled and had a great conversation with me. Afterwards, he snuggled up and took a long nap in my arms."
  • "I really love seeing how the babies become more comfortable with us over time. It really made my heart happy to see one baby walk around and talk to each of us as friends she feels happy to be with."

  • "We had an impromptu dance party in the Toddler Room to celebrate the lame man regaining use of his legs. We were jumping, skipping, and walking to count beats which naturally led to dancing. It was fun and spontaneous and the kids loved it!"
  • "I had two new kiddos in Learning Hour and everyone really played great together."
  • "It was my first time working with the Toddlers on Sunday ... my highlights were watching my helpers read to the kids after our lesson finished and how their little eyes lit up!"

Preschool - Elementary
  • "When one little girl volunteered to lead the prayer and prayed the sweetest prayer about obeying your teachers. And then when she was done, she grabbed my arm and asked, 'Was that a good one?'"
  • "We were reviewing what we had done for the last few months and when answering one of the questions, several of them started saying one of the old memory verses. They really are keeping them in their hearts and heads."
  • "After church, a child did not know what she wanted to say but her hug said it for her."
  • "While praying with a child during worship, I felt tear drops touch my hand as we prayed together for the student's friends who do not know Jesus and do not have a church home."

God is doing amazing things in the hearts of our kids and their leaders! I hope these little tidbits left you feeling encouraged.

Pastor Chelsea

P.S. There's ALWAYS room for you to get in on the fun with KiX Ministry! Contact me to learn more.
When Truth, Fear, & Grace Come Together
Acts 4:36-5:11
News & Events
Grief Support Class: Traumatic Loss
Sunday, June 16 • 9 a.m.
Join us this Sunday in Room 23 as we discuss what it looks like to process through grief after a traumatic loss. Suzy Thompson will be sharing.
Take-Out Church
Sunday, June 16 • Following second service
KiX and IMPACT Families are invited to join us for Take-Out Church, happening THIS Sunday, June 16, after second service.

We know that summer is a busy time for families. Between vacations, family reunions, and general life chaos, it can be hard to keep your priorities in order. We want to help!

Take-Out Church is a way for your family to bring your faith with you wherever you go this summer. Families of kids and students are invited to swing by the KiX Building for 15 minutes or so to create their own Take-Out Church box. You won't want to miss this fun opportunity!  

ESL Classes at Parkgate
Monday, June 17 • 6:30 - 8 p.m.
Our summer session for ESL begins tomorrow, June 17. Know someone who would benefit from this program? It’s not too late to join us. Contact Frankie Duenes to learn more.
Guest Services Breakfast
Saturday, June 22 • 9-10 a.m.
If you serve on a Guest Services Team, either as an usher or a greeter, then you are invited to a special breakfast in your honor Saturday June 22, from 9 - 10a.m. This is Parkgate’s way of saying thank you for your ministry ... it matters!

We’ll also be talking about how to improve the effectiveness of our ministry by helping people feel welcomed in our church. Remember, when we make people feel welcomed, we open up the possibility that they will welcome Christ into their lives.

Hope to see you there! Please let Pastor Kenneth know if you can attend this breakfast.
Worship Team Brunch
Saturday, June 22 • 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
If you are involved in the worship team then you are invited to a Worship Ministry Brunch on Saturday, June 22, from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. During this time, we'll get to know each other better and discuss our ministry. Your role is important and Parkgate is extremely  grateful for it.   THANK YOU!

Please let Pastor Kenneth know if you can attend.
VBS: Register Now!
July 15 - 19 • 6:15 - 8:45 p.m.
Please don't delay on registering for VBS. By registering in advance, you help us best prepare for this tremendous outreach opportunity!

Click the button below to register for VBS - as an attendee or as a volunteer. Can't serve but still want to participate? Purchase an item off of our registry.
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June Birthdays
1 Brian Deshotel, Ron Elkins • 2 Luke Stanley, Dane Torres • 3 Betty Smith •
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