Innovation & Collaboration
A major public-private partnership (P3) project brought a gorgeous new mixed-use development, including 900 parking spaces, to the University of Kentucky’s campus. Thanks to creative financing and design, it brought much needed common space, both inside and out, to both the university and the Lexington, Ky., community, making it a unique development on a number of fronts.
Smoothing the Ride
Flummoxed by frictionless? COVID-19 accelerated the development of this hassle-free way of thinking about, developing, and using parking, but there’s a lot to learn. IPMI’s Technology Committee offers members this primer on frictionless, start to finish.
Drawing Back the Curtain
Data, data, data—so much to think about and so many points to figure out! Kevin White, CAPP, AICP, breaks it down in plain English: What data to consider and how to use it for your operation’s specific needs. It’s a must-read. 
Offering Options, Managing Risk
Mobile payments are the wave of the future but not everyone’s jumping onboard. Dive into the availability and attractiveness of more flexible options and learn why offering them can boost your mobile payment adoption.
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