Adaptive Reuse: Short-term ROI or Long-term Investment?
Adaptive reuse offers sustainability on a number of fronts, but does it make sense to design new parking structures with it in mind? Don’t miss this deep dive into the trend, including the pros and cons of developing for both partial and full future reuse—and what’s involved with each kind of future-thinking.
Why Cities Need Better Curbside Data
COVID-19 changed everything about how we use the street and the curb. And while most cities did a great job adapting in the moment, the future will need more in-depth consideration. Data will play a key role. Find out why and how to collect and use the best kinds.
Electric vehicles are coming, and the parking and mobility industry has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive that trend. How fast will it happen? What kind of infrastructure makes sense? And why are we doing all this, anyway? The experts of IPMI’s Planning, Design, and Construction Committee share their thoughts.
Wherever I May Roam
The parking industry is facing big change, but your organization can make the most of it with some simple changes in thinking—and your Spotify list may hold the keys. Want to unlock the secrets? Just follow the music.
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