The Orientation Toward Transit
Transit-oriented development (TOD) offers a whole lot of advantages for both cities and their residents, not to mention sustainability. But has COVID cooled this hot market? And what does its future look like? Jim Zullo, CAPP, AICP, takes a hard look at TODs in the shadow of a pandemic.
Celebrating Art and Efficiency
Parking in all its forms has become a source of visual interest, efficiency and sustainability, and—dare we say it—architectural beauty, plus innovation around every corner. The winners of IPMI’s 2021 Awards of Excellence showcase all those qualities in new, renovated, mixed-use, and every kind of project you can imagine. Inspiration galore!
Marketing During COVID-19
Perhaps no year has been more difficult for the parking and mobility industry than 2020 was, and marketers had some of the toughest jobs out there. But they persevered and did so with style and grace. Check out all their creativity and amazing work in this look at the winners of this year’s IPMI Marketing Awards.
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