Boosting Campus Commute Choice
It’s happening at college and university campuses around the world: Professors, staff members, and students who used to park via semester permit aren’t coming to campus enough to justify the cost. This case study breaks down how Emory University converted its parking to pay-per-use, including technology, strategy, and results.’
COVID and the Curb
COVID-19 threw a curveball at curb management. Transportation 4 America shares their report on how cities around the U.S. adapted, with lessons for municipalities of all sizes.
Mobility, Innovation, and the Future
Industry professionals discuss new technologies, new business practices, and new ways of getting people around during IPMI’s inaugural Mobility & Innovation Summit.
Structural Marginalization and Parking and Mobility
Think marginalization isn’t part of the parking and mobility industry? What one dedicated professional learned when he started researching, and his unique perspective on what should happen next.
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