Resiliency is People
Learning to deal with change is all about resiliency—but how do we become more resilient? Ron Steedly, CAPP, MEd, manager of transportation services at Texas A&M University, takes a deep dive into what it means to be resilient and how we get there, both as individuals and organizations. (ps—it’s a great preview of this summer’s IPMI Mobility & Innovation Summit!).
A Primer on Parklets
Tiny park spaces next to the curb have never been more popular. Whether used as outdoor spaces for restaurants, pop-up shops, minuscule exercise studios, or just a place to take a break with friends or a good book, parklets are hot. Learn how to launch a parklet program, soup to nuts, in this issue.
The Case for Exclusive Pay-by-Cell
The COVID-19 pandemic put a quick spin on all things touchless, and parking is no exception. Which is why the authors of this piece think it’s time for all parking to go to pay-by-cell, and they lay it all out and debunk the myths, right here
Innovation, Collaboration, and a Bright Future
Want to rocket your organization ahead? Think like a startup! So writes the female CEO of an industry supplier, sharing her thoughts on why startup thinking is the key to success, long after the startup phase is over. Lots of wisdom here.
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