Rethinking Parking
Our world has changed—the way we think about and manage parking should too. Journey with researcher David Mepham, PhD, through parking impacts on place, the politics of parking, parking and professional practice, and the other big changes and considerations we’ve seen in the last decade or so, and find out what he thinks should change—and why. Read it here.
Sizing Up Multi-modal Violations
There’s a lot of mumbling and murmuring about micro-mobility parking violations—scooters cluttering sidewalks and streets, bikes left all over the place. But when two professors teamed up with an expert at Lyft to figure out what was going on and how to change it, the results were very surprising. Check it out here
Roadmap to Recovery: A COVID-19 Industry Update
IPMI launched a comprehensive survey to determine what effects COVID-19 were having on the industry and members responded. The results include the effects of the virus and related lockdown measures on specific segments of parking and mobility, and a look toward the future. Read it here.
Parking Lots, Social Distancing, and Safety
Opening up parking for dining areas, contactless pickup of goods, and socially-distanced activities seems like a great idea, but without proper safety measures in place, it can set cities and campuses up for deadly results. Read about how accidents are happening and how they can be avoided here.
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