Modernizing Curbside Management
As the world slowly returns to something resembling normal, traffic levels are creeping toward pre-pandemic, which means a lot of pressure on the curb. Technology to the rescue! Learn why smart parking management is key to managing the curb, curbside parking, and keeping people moving.
Passive Coping to Active Steering
Urban spaces are becoming complex multimodal traffic systems and managing them is overwhelming. A new model hopes to simplify things, making traffic management more strategic and intuitive than ever. Don’t miss the explanation of this new tool.
Curbside Management: Glossary of Terms
Are we all speaking the same language? It’s critical in transportation, and new specialties can throw a wrench into things. IPMI’s Research & Innovation Task Force saves the day with its curbside management glossary, with definitions of terms that might seem ambiguous.
Nordstrom to Disney to Parking
Parking is more than a moment in time to drivers—it’s an experience that can start or end their journey on a good or not-so-good note. What if parking professionals embraced their customer service skills as Nordstrom or Disney do? David Feehan explains what happened when his organization made that the model.

Flowbird App Bounces into the Rubber Capital of the World

Have you heard of the niche town of Akron, Ohio? It lies just south of downtown Cleveland and is known as the founding location of Goodyear Tires and birth place of Lebron James. Now, the city has delivered another record-breaking star, the smart mobile parking solution: the Flowbird App. The app allows residents and visitors to find and pay for parking throughout downtown, while the City has a more reliable way to manage parking usage and payment.
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