Dear Cardinal O'Hara Community,

Please see the information below about parking and traffic patterns for this year. We cannot emphasize enough how important the safety of everyone is. We are asking for you to carefully review the information below. Please stay alert when navigating our parking lot. As of next week, there will be over 1100 students using our parking lot each day. Let's make sure that they are safe.

Cardinal O’Hara Traffic Plan- 2019-20

O’Hara Students Morning Drop Off

-       All O’Hara students should report to the cafeteria. Cafeteria doors open at 6:30am. Bell rings at At that time O’Hara students will be allowed to go to lockers and then homeroom by 7:50am.
-       No students can be dropped off at the front main entrance unless they have a pass due to physical liability prior to 7:50am. All students arriving after 7:50am should come to main entrance, buzz in and get a late pass from main office.
-       All student drivers should use the Eagle Road entrance and will be directed to park in lot by uniformed security personnel.
-       All O’Hara buses will drop students off at door marked GYMNASIUM near cattle chute. Students will walk into cafeteria via gymnasium entrance.
-       O’Hara parent drivers will drop their child off at gymnasium entrance and proceed around the building to exit either on Sproul Road (right turn only) or all the way around to exit on Eagle Road. Please do not drop off your student and try to circle back through student lot to get access to Eagle Road.

OLA Students Morning Drop Off

-       OLA families are able to drop off kindergarten and all students who are in before care at OLA main entrance in front of building.
-       All other OLA students driven by parents should exit and the East entrance (near cafeteria).
-       All OLA buses will drop off at  the entrance marked CAFETERIA (East entrance). Two uniformed security personnel as well as OLA teachers will escort students off buses and in to gymnasium.
-       All OLA students report to the gymnasium prior to being dismissed to their classrooms.
-       All OLA parent drivers will exit either onto Sproul Road(right turn only) or all the way around the building and out onto Eagle Road.

O’Hara Afternoon Pick Up

-       O’Hara students can exit any door at the end of the school day including the front doors. Please be reminded that the area in front of the school is a fire lane.
-       Students who are staying afterschool for a school activity or waiting for a ride will be asked to go down to the cafeteria. The cafeteria will be the pick up place for these students.
-       Students are not allowed in the building without a teacher, moderator or coach once the school day has ended.
-       Students who ride the bus will meet their bus in the cattle chute where they are dropped off in the morning.

OLA Afternoon Pick Up

-       OLA students will be escorted by their teachers for dismissal. Pick up spot for drivers will be on the west side of the building adjacent to the OLA entrance.
-       Students taking the bus will be escorted to their bus by an OLA teacher.
-       Parents picking up their students  are asked to move their cars all the way up to the back entrance marked GYMNASIUM and should stay in their cars and leave as soon as their child is safely in their vehicle.
-       Drivers can use either campus exit.

Additional Personnel

-       We will have a Marple Township police officer directing traffic at Eagle Road from 6:30-8:30am and 2-4pm on all school days.
-       We will have uniformed security personnel directing traffic in the front of the building, back near gymnasium entrance and East entrance near cafeteria where OLA buses drop off.

Important Reminders
-        The safety of our 1100 students, staff and families is our one and only priority.
-       Please give yourself some extra time in the morning, especially in the first few weeks to get used to the traffic flow.
-       Please stay off your phones while driving onto and around campus.
-       Please follow all traffic signs and red flashing bus lights while on campus.
-       Please report any issues in the parking lot immediately to Jay DeFruscio, O’Hara President at
-       I would strongly recommend all students who can take the bus to school do so to limit the number of cars on campus dropping off in the morning.
-       O’Hara student drivers will need to apply for a parking sticker. There is a link to the form on our website.