Providing parking options that are safe, convenient and affordable.
Our goal is to enhance access to Gainesville by creating an effective parking management system that supports a vibrant community and multi-modal transportation options.
Fast Facts - What's Changing?
Downtown, on-street changes:

  • High-demand, curbside parking spaces increased to $1/hour (2-hour time limit)
  • Off-street parking lots will have a 4-hour limit
  • Southwest Parking Garage rates decreased to $0.50/hour
  • Parking enforcement will be from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Lot 2 will remain free with no limit

  • A grace period (warnings) begins January 2022.
  • Parking enforcement (citations) begins February 2022
Community Impacts:
  • Reduces cost for long-term parking needs
  • Manages curbside parking demand
  • Incentivizes alternative modes of transportation
  • Keep an eye out for our new signs - going up on a street near you.
  • Our priority is effective parking management and better curbside parking.

  • Fee-based parking creates more available curbside spaces.

  • When employees, shoppers and other visitors have ready access to free curbside parking, they are less likely to walk, move their car or utilize alternative transportation.

  • Prime on-street parking should be priced at a premium and encourage turn over.

  • Spaces on the outskirts should be less expensive to accommodate long-term parking.

  • Hourly parking rates have not been adjusted in more than 10 years. A lot has changed in the last decade!

  • Less time driving in circles and wasting fuel hunting for a parking spot could potentially reduce fuel/energy consumption and vehicle and pedestrian accidents.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or 352-334-5007.
About the City of Gainesville: Gainesville is defining a new kind of city - a new American city - that aspires to become a model for other communities by solving critical issues through collaboration and intentional design. The purpose of our city is the people of our city.