March 17, 2020
Beginning Tuesday, March 17, parking enforcement will be suspended at Stanford University and no permits will be required for staff in the university lots and garages on main campus and at Stanford Redwood City.
This decision was made in support of Stanford Health Care, which on Saturday, March 14, opened its drive-through, COVID-19 testing locations in the Pasteur Staff Garage (PSG) at 500 Pasteur and Hoover Pavilion Garage (HPG) at 211 Quarry Road.
Hospital parking permits still enforced
While Stanford Health Care's drive-through testing is in place, the Pasteur Staff Garage will have limited parking available. All parking and permit policies will continue to be enforced in the Pasteur Staff Garage, as well as all hospital patient and visitor parking areas. No permits are needed to park at Stanford University staff lots and garages at the main campus and Stanford Redwood City.
Please note that if you purchased a March parking permit it cannot be refunded or exchanged. If you have a recurring monthly permit and would like to cancel your April permit, please follow our How to Return a Long-Term Permit guide .  
Due to the rapidly-evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, there is currently no date set for when parking enforcement is scheduled to return. We will notify the Stanford community before it is reinstated. 
Parking alternatives to Pasteur Staff Garage (PSG) and Hoover Pavilion Garage (HPG)
With the testing locations, Pasteur Staff Garage and Hoover Pavilion Garage will have limited capacity. Traffic Directors will be stationed at the entrances of Pasteur Staff Garage and Hoover Pavilion Garage to redirect commuters to park elsewhere when the garage reaches capacity. 
If you are impacted by this, please consider the following lots or garages:
  • Stock Farm Garage- 260 Oak Road
  • Searsville Lot- 190 Searsville Road
  • Roth Way Garage- 355 Roth Way
  • Hoover South Surface Lot (L-1)- 365 Quarry Road
  • Hoover Pavilion North Surface Lot (L-1A)- 211 Quarry Road
Employees should avoid parking at the Stanford Shopping Center or Welch Rd properties.
For more information about the temporary change to parking enforcement, please see the Stanford University announcement .
If you have questions about parking on campus at this time, please contact us at
Thank you,
Stanford Health Care Transportation Services