Dear Y Members, Participants and Visitors
We are happy to report that on March 26 th Accu-Paving will begin work on the parking lot project, with a planned completion date in the first week of June.

Our lot, which hasn’t been repaved in several generations, requires major reconstruction to:
·          Replace the 50-year-old broken underground sewer lines that stretch through the lot;
·          Replace curbs and sewer basins throughout the lot;
·          Rip up and dispose of tons of unrecyclable materials;
·          Replace 50-year-old lighting conduits, dead trees, and bring lighting up to code; and
·          Prepare and pour replacement asphalt.          
The Y is pouring every dollar raised to date, plus reserves specifically set aside for this project, into the lot renovation, which is enough to fund the completion of the entire lot (minus the gravel area and driveway, which we will complete as soon as more funds are raised). 

We will provide to you timely, ongoing renovation updates and suggestions for alternate parking locations (when necessary) through signage throughout the campus and building, staff in the parking lot, and announcements through the NSYMCA app.       
We appreciate your patience and understanding during this project. We know that you will be thrilled in June when the lot is finished!

We want to thank all of the generous donors to date that have made this project possible. We are so grateful for your support of our Y to make sure the facility can continue to provide programs and services to our 15 communities. If you would like to participate in helping to fund the final phase of the parking lot, please contact me or Deb Murphy, Campaign Director, at
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 847-272-7250 or . Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,          
Howard Schultz,