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Farewell and Thank You!
In January 2011, I was honored to be selected to serve as your Executive Director. After seven glorious years, I am retiring to embark on my next journey. While I have done many things in my life, serving the Parkinson's community has been the highlight of my career. I am humbled and stand in awe of the tenacity and determination of the Parkinson's community. With your strength, courage and perseverance you have provided the energy for the growth and change seen over these past seven years. Where once there were only seven weekly exercise classes, community members now have the opportunity of attending more than 42 weekly exercise classes. Seven years ago our newsletter circulation was 2,800; community demand and engagement has raised that circulation to over 12,000. During my tenure, you challenged us to build; we did, and you came to support. You challenged us to reach higher; we did, and you responded through your engagement.  Thank you! 

You have taught me and you have urged the Association to be bold and ever-present. This is an ongoing challenge we gladly accept. As I leave my post as your Executive Director, I am excited to announce that we are freshening the complexion of who we are and what we represent. In the near future, the Association will roll out a new website and a new updated logo that not only reflects the hope and community that is present in our old logo, but also the strength and tenacity of our constituents. As the Parkinson's community, your community, has grown and changed, we are honored to freshen the image and broader the community presence of the Parkinson Association of the Rockies to reflect these changes.

As one door closes a new door opens. As I exit, Jodi Brown, your new Executive Director enters. Jodi is an incredibly talented and caring individual that brings with her the skills and passion to continue growing the Parkinson Association of the Rockies. I leave with the knowledge and assurance that her tenure will pave a new path for the Parkinson Association of the Rockies and the Colorado Parkinson's community to soar even higher.

Thank you all for your support and sharing your determination, strength, hope and courage. I retire a better person because of you.

Cheryl Siefert, MNM