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Linda judging

Linda S. Rubin's Bird Breeder Expert, Avicultural Author & Certified Panel Judge

     "Whether you already show birds or are simply curious, bring your parrot, cockatiel, lovebird or budgie, to learn how to properly condition and prepare your bird to look its very best year round!"

Linda Rubin will be our educator and lead judge for the 
"How To" Before, During, and After of Bird Exhibition Seminar

Linda S. Rubin is an international writer, speaker, industry consultant, and avian educator with more than 35 years experience breeding, exhibiting, and judging cockatiels, budgerigars, and parrots. She is the author of two award winning books, Ultimate Parrot Guide (TFH Publications, 2001),and Multiple Bird Households (TFH Publications, 2001),  the widely read peer-reviewed volume, Cockatiel Genetics Made Easy!, several e-books, and now editor of the new digital e-publication, Cockatiel Mutations MagazineTM, available


Pat Tucker Pats ribbons

Grand Champion (multi) Pat Tucker will be another guest trainer at the seminar and teaching us "How To" exhibition our birds.  




This sojourn into the world of exhibition parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds and budgies examines the art and science of showing parrots.


Whether you already show birds or are simply curious, bring your parrot, cockatiel, lovebird or budgie, to learn how to properly condition and prepare your bird to look its very best year round!


The origin of competitions, comparison of livestock, and positive benefits of exhibiting are discussed as an art form to improving type, standards and improvement of future generations.


The science of exhibition is examined by looking at show standards that influence the genetics and future of livestock and their genotypes. 


Practical information is presented on the show training and grooming of birds, how to prepare for shows, and what it takes to make a champion or grand-champion exhibit.


From classifications to show mechanics through to the judging process, this program will make showing much more fun and easier to understand.


The photos of the award winning birds behind bars (show display cages) are compliments of Linda Rubin's web site for you to see some of the top parrots exhibited around the USA!


A little bit more about our guest speaker, Linda Rubin

As a Certified Panel Judge for the Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors, and the Cockatiel Foundation (and a former NCS & NAPS Panel Judge), Linda S. Rubin has judged in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada since 1984 - including parrots at the 1996 National Cage Bird Show - authored show standards, and advises potential exhibitors how to improve their chances of winning on the show bench.


      Come join in on this learning experience with us.  Parrot Safari of New England Bird club joined the Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors [SPBE] and is starting out in a full blown open show!


What does that mean?  I invite you all to come learn and exhibit your birds, pet or breeders.  


Start spritzing your birds daily and brush away those pin feathers.  It is time to spruce up and look pretty! 


All you need is small cage that the judge can see your bird in.  Your bird must be able to move about freely and in either an actual show cage or a small travel cage would do the trick too.  As long as the bird can stand up straight and perch properly without having too much room to get into mischieve... all is perfect.  


What: Exhibition How To Seminar: Before, during, and after showing birds

When: April 21, 2012  11-6 
Where: Parrot Safari, LLC (near that store in a vacant location in that plaza)
              Apple Tree Mall Plaza/ 4 Orchard View Drive / Londonderry, NH 03053
 Fee: $15 (includes seminar, lunch, beverages, and four birds entered into the  
              exhibition).  For those that do no wish to participate in the seminar but do want
              to earn points for the show the entrance fee is only $3 per bird.

Space is limited and filling up fast.  Pre-book now on-line or through the store.´┐Żevent_action=register&event_id=4&name_of_event=First%20Annual%20Interactive%20Enrichment%20Event
or call 603-421-1900  

***Additional HIgh lights: 

Store wide super sale and extended hours at the Parrot Safari store  to the attendants of the seminar.   


Artist Amy Ropple and her exquisite textiles will be show cased.  Artist Jill Casteel and her famous texture painting will be showcased.  (both artists will be present for questions, autographs, and special orders)

 Amy Ropple Artwork

Author George Sommers will be present and will have a book signing for I saw parrots in New York City.  


 See you soon!  I will be bringing some of my parrots with me.  Lemoncello asked if he could enter the show.  How could I say no to him?  


This will be a very fun weekend!  Parrot Safari is holding our event on April 21st and BOAF is holding their event on April 22nd.  We are encouraging everyone to go to both.  Join us for a weekend of feathered fun!  I will send out hotel information for us out of towner's that need a place to sleep.  lol... we can all meet up in the bar later after our 1st annual parrot exhibition.  


Updates coming soon...