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Mar. 6-- PTA Meeting

-- Carnival Shirt Day

Mar. 8-- Rodeo Dress Day

Mar. 9-- Carnival

Mar. 22-Teacher Work Day

Mar. 25-29- Spring Break

Pinecrest Elementary School PTA

Parrot Talk

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Parrot Club - Values Matter

February - Kindness


Canino- Liam Watts

J. Garcia- Oliver Blower

Meyer - Brielle Garcia


Akhtar (Mr. J)- Rosalie Law

Batista - Harry Allen

Lundblad- Alice Santana

Munoz- Santiago Ros

Radell- Audrey Oxios

Tamayo- Ehan Rodriguez

Weaver- Oliver Booken

1st Grade

Alvarez- Olivia Williams

Armenteros- Benjamin Wald

Kussrath- Aarush Agrawal

Lozano- Vittorio Sant’Anna Keller

Nodarse- AnaPaula Jimenez

Salazar- Olivia Travaglione

Serrott- Maddox Gneo

2nd Grade

Alonso- Luna Montagna 

Berger- Chloe Espinola

Castellanos- Eduardo Souza

Diaz- Luna Echeverri

Lindsey- Vail Orvin

Malone- Victoria Bernal

St. Fort- Ferran Souza

Torres- Leila Staub

3rd Grade

Barlow- Camila Casal

Batten-Victoria Cheng 

Ciura-Victoria Shepherd

Gonzalez- Riley Burns

Martinez- Gabriel Vespe 

Mojicar- Emily Fernandez

Perez- Chloe Reshefsky

Verger- Ava Bellantoni

4th Grade

Batista- Teresa Hernandez

Bell- Matteo Sanchez Rancano

Boloix- Lucca Gaibor

Cal- Gabriel Aguirre

Cereijo- Belen Gonzalez

Molina- Nina Rodriguez de Cespedes

N. Garcia- Macarena Mejia

5th Grade

Bobadilla- Luca Durham

Carranza-Gutierrez- Isabel Milbrandt

M. Gutierrez- Emma Kondrat

Haim- Christina Cheng

Lemon- Ella Loessin

Morrison - Nicolas Manzano

Peruyera- Luciano Carrero

Carnival 101

PTA Meeting- March 6th

5th Grade Beach Clean Up

Registration on Park Link is required prior to beginning volunteer service.


Volunteers under 18 must be linked to a parent/guardian account in Park Link.


  • Bring a refillable water bottle with plenty of water
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will get dirty and closed toed shoes and hat
  • Bring sunscreen/bugspray as needed for this outdoor activity
  • The event is rain or shine, however if there is extreme weather condition such as a storm we will do our best to reach out to volunteers to notify of any change.

Check in at the park Main Office:

Theodore Gibson Oratorical Competition

On Tuesday, February 26th, six of our students represented Pinecrest Elementary in the 48th annual Theodore Gibson Oratorical Finals competition. We are so proud of Ryan Scurlock, Sofia Webel, Francisco & Diego Garza, Olivia Pou and Ethan Lago for their efforts to get to the finals led by their wonderful coach Ms. Metcalfe! The competition was steep and we want to congratulate Ethan Lago for taking home the 1st place trophy in the K-2nd grade category, Diego Garza for taking home the 2nd place trophy in that same category and to Sofia Webel for taking home the 2nd place trophy in the 3-5th grade category. Congrats on your triumphant efforts PES parrots!

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PTA Legislative Update

With a new year comes new legislation that we as parents need to be mindful of. 

Check this section of our newsletter or visit our Pinecrest PTA website to stay informed of important legislation that could impact our children. If you would like to be notified of relevant legislation directly, sign up for alerts by visiting the Miami-Dade County Council website.

Learn more about 2024 legislation priorities of the Florida PTA  HERE.

More about the MDCC PTA: The goal of the Miami-Dade County Council PTA/PTSA is to keep parents informed about state and local proposed legislation and current policy relative to the education, safety, and well-being of Florida’s children. In the context of PTA, advocacy is supporting and speaking up for children – in schools, in communities, and before government bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.

Superintent's 5K


Community Partnerships

The companies below are helping to support our Pinecrest PTA and aiding us in offering the best activities and events we can to our Pinecrest community. We are grateful for their partnership.

Please consider supporting them in return. You can easily learn about each by clicking on them and being linked to their websites.

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