The Monument
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Erev Shabbos Friday Evening August 21st, 2020

7:00pm Mincha followed by Kabolas Shabbos - Downstairs in the social hall

7:23pm Candle lighting time

Shabbos Morning Saturday August 22nd, 2020

7:30am Daf Yomi

8:00am Early Shacharis in the Bais Medrash

8:30am Shacharis in the Main Shul

9:36am Latest time for morning Shema

5:00pm Pirkei Avos

5:45pm Mincha

8:00pm Gemara Shiur

8:33pm Maariv / Shabbos ends

Weekday Schedule

7:00am Daf Yomi (Sunday-Friday)

8:00am Shacharis

7:20pm Mincha

7:50pm Maariv

Tuesday 8:05pm Yitzchok Dov Rottenstein Gemorah Shiur
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Daf Yomi 7:00 AM Sunday to Friday

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Tuesday after Maariv -  Yitzchok Dov Rottenstein Gemorah Shiur

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The office will be open Mondays
´╗┐from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

All are welcome, face mask is required.
To All Our Choshuv Members and Friends,

Boruch Hashem we are beginning another advancement in our staged re opening.

The guidelines listed below are for the sake of the protection and welfare of all our Mispallelim.

All who attend must wear a mask. There are a few masks available for those who do not wear their own. You may wear a mask on your face when you come to Shul and it is not considered carrying if it is properly worn. Same is true for gloves. There will be places marked off in the shul (on the seats) that are for the purpose of social distancing. This too is a requirement for the preservation of the health of all our Mispallelim.

We are following proper protocols for Krias HaTorah. The Oleh will be called up, but distancing will be maintained. There will not be anyone on the Bimah except for the person making the Bracha. After he steps down, the Baal Koreh will be the only person on the Bimah. The Gabbaim will be distanced on the sides, down from the Bimah.

There is no kissing of the Sefer Torah, nor will more than one person take out and put back the Torah. Please do not shake hands with anyone. After Davening Mispallelim are requested to leave in an orderly fashion that maintains proper distancing.

Rest rooms will be cleaned continually.

Just as we are being very cautious of our Physical well-being, we should also be concerned about our Neshama well-being. Returning to our Mikdash MeAt enjoins us to be extremely careful about the proper reverence for the Makom and the Teffilah. There is no talking during the Davening.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I look forward to returning to our Mikdash MeAt and personally greeting you with a hearty Shabbat Shalom and Good Shabbos.

Your Devoted Rav,
Rabbi Moshe Snow