Parshas Tzav
Lift The Cup
Erev Shabbos Friday Evening Apr 3rd, 2020

7:03 pm  Candle lighting time

Shabbos Morning Saturday Apr 4th, 2020

9:46 am  Zeman Krias Shema

8:15 pm  Maariv

When possible (preferably Motzoi Shabbos) Kiddush Levana should be said. Latest time for Kiddush Levana is Wednesday morning at 4:36am.

The Daf Yomi Shiur on Motzoi Shabbos will IYH be at 9:30pm.

Sunday morning at 7:30am. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7:00am. Chol Hamoed at 7:30am.

Sunday and Monday night the Haggadah Shiur will be at 7:45pm.
Tuesday night the search for Chometz should be done beginning at 8:09pm (Brooklyn).

According to the Mishna Berura one should Daven Maariv first and then do the Bedikah.

The Shiur on Tuesday night will IYH begin at 8:45pm.
Wednesday morning after the Daf at 7:00am, there will be a Siyum Bechorim at 8:00am.

Latest time for eating Chometz Wednesday morning 10:15am, latest time for burning Chometz 11:36am. This year we will be discarding the Chometz through the flush system.


Daf Yomi Sunday to Friday at 7:10AM / Saturday night at 9:15PM

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Nightly Shiur at 7:45PM Sunday to Thursday

Seder and Haggadah insights / Mishanayos Kalim / Halacha Hilchos Pesach
Tuesdays -  Yitzchok Dov Rottenstein Gemorah Shiur

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The Place Where They Belong - Abie Rotenberg & Baruch Levine

A beautiful and poignant song which expresses our desire to return to the Shuls and Batey Medrash, and most of all to return to the Ultimate Shul, the Bais Hamikdash.
The Place Where They Belong
Based on the original Abie Rotenberg classic "The Place Where I Belong",
today we find ourselves longing for "The Place Where We Belong".

Performed by: Abie Rotenberg & Baruch Levine
Lyrics by: Abie Rotenberg

Filmed by: Zoom, Sara Rotenberg, and Chanala Levine
Edited by: Mint media
Technical Assistance: Doni Gross DeG Studios
Concept by: R' Dov Keilson

I was made way back in 1842
The Torah crafted - by a righteous Jew
My story is no secret – it’s a legend now well known
How I lost my purpose - when I lost my home

But these past years I’ve once more come alive
In a shul where Torah and Tefilla thrive
Three days a week I’m on display – my words are read out loud
Which fills my heart with joy and makes me proud

But now again I cry out in despair
What happened to the precious sounds of prayer
Where are the lively sessions - of vibrant Torah sparks
I wonder from the silence and the dark

How I miss the Rabbi holding me so tight
And Lecha Dodi’s refrain on Friday Night
I so hope to hear those voices - yearning for Hashem
And that they miss me - as much as I miss them

We know Hashem your judgement’s always fair
And a Yid can speak to You from anywhere
But my heart is aching – for their Tefila and their Song
Please return them to the place where they belong

From deep within we beg the One Above
Protect from harm the children that You love
So that they may stand side by side – and turn their hearts to You
K’ish Echad – their faith and hope renewed

So that they may stand side by side – for all eternity
B’leiv Echad - in perfect unity

"WJEW" - Episode #: 2 is now available for listening.

Special Guest Interview: Rabbi Moshe Snow.
A Message from our Rav:
To My Dear Young Israel Beth El Members and Friends,

The Shul is celebrating one hundred years since it opened. I doubt that in all this time the Shul had to be closed for any day, let alone for a Shabbos. But now, with the dangerous Corona virus plague, we have been forced to take the heart wrenching but absolutely necessary step of suspending all Shiurim and Minyanim for the immediate near future. As soon as is possible we shall once again fill our Mikdash Me'at with the sounds of Torah learning and Teffilah.

This suspension was taken with the full support of our Rabbinic and lay leadership. Make no mistake, this virus is dangerous. Lives will be saved by limiting contact with others. If even one life will be saved, and I have been informed by medical professionals that many more than one life will be saved, then these extreme measures are proper.

The temporary closure carries with it the implicit message that no one should attend any Minyanim anywhere in our community. Only by strict adherence to these measures can the safety of our lives and those around us be protected.
Davening at home transforms our homes into a Shul. The Talmud in Megillah states that all Batei Knesses in the exile will one day be relocated to Yerushalayim. If we turn our home into a Shul, then our home too shall be moved to the Holiest place on Earth, Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh. It will take effort on our part, but I have no doubt that we are up to the task. 

This will be an opportunity for us to increase our knowledge and understanding of our Teffilos, prayers, as we will have the opportunity to say them a bit more slowly, and with Kavannah, intent. We will also have the chance to spend time learning at home. This Shabbos, for example, will be an opportunity to read the Parsha and fulfill the Mitzvah of Shnayim Mikra V'Echad Targum. That is reading the Parsha twice in the original, and once in translation. Beyond that, we may even have the time to look into some explanations of various commentaries.

Although we want to be extremely careful of getting together with others in person, we still should reach out to others through the telephone, or through the use of computers. It is a blessing from Hashem that computers were invented before we were faced with this problem of isolation. It's another example of Hashem preparing the Refuah (healing) before the makkah (sickness).

The challenges facing us individually and collectively are unprecedented. May Hashem give us the fortitude to get through this difficult time admirably. Let us strive to be somewhat improved in our Torah study, Mitzvah observance, and Davening during this hopefully brief time of challenge.

May we all be blessed with good health.
Shabbat Shalom UmeVorach.
Rabbi Moshe Snow, Morah D'Asra
Judd Odzer, President
Dovid Beck, Chairman of the Board