Parshas Vayeilech - Sep 15th, 2018 // 6th Tishrei 5779
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Erev Shabbos Friday Evening Sep 14th, 2018

6:46 pm Candle lighting time

6:57 pm Mincha and Kabolas Shabbos

Shabbos Morning Saturday Sep 15th, 2018 

7:45 am Daf Yomi

8:00 am Early Shacharis in the Bais Midrash

8:45 am Shacharis in the Main Shul

9:44 am Zeman Krias Shema 

5:00 pm Shabbos Shuva Drasha   

6:30 pm Mincha followed by Shalosh Seudos - Sponsored by:

  • Mrs. Corinne Greenberg In Memory Of Her Mother Sara Chana Bas Klonimus Yehuda A”H

  • Ruth Stillman In Memory Of Her Father Shmuel Zavil Ben Yosef A”H

  • Betya Kanevskaya In Memory Of Her Father Avraham Ben Meir A”H

Followed By A Gemara Shiur By Rabbi Snow

7:55 pm  Maariv



Erev Yom Kippur Tuesday Sep 18th, 2018

7:00 am Shacharis
8:00 am Shacharis
Selichos will be said 15 minutes before each Minyan.

2:30 pm Mincha

6:40 pm Fast Begins

6:45 pm Kol Nidre

Yom Kippur Wednesday Sep 19th, 2018

8:00 am Shacharis

11:00 am Yizkor (Approx)

6:35 pm Ne’ilah (Approx)

7:48 pm  Maariv

Daf Yomi Shiur By Rabbi Snow

5:30 am Monday – Friday
Shabbos 1 Hour Before Davening
7:00 am Sunday

Weekly Schedule
6:30 am Selichos
7:00 am Shacharis First Minyan

7:30 am Selichos
8:00 am Shacharis S econd Minyan

8:00 am Shacharis Sunday one Minyan

6:45 pm Mincha - Sunday Through Thursday

*No Tuesday Class - Class will resume October 9th at 8:00*
Tuesday - Between Mincha & Maariv Yitzchok Dov Rottenstein Gemara Shiur by Rabbi Moshe Snow
Parshas Vayeilech
A Message from our Rabbi:
In Rather Than On

The one day a year when just about all Klal Yisrael wears the same head covering is Yom Kippur. Yes, it’s true that some wear a white satin Yarmulka, others a white velvet, and still others a white knitted one (could the Chareidim who wear the large white knitted ones like the Rebbe Nachman style, be classified as wearing a Kippah Serugah?). Yet the similarity and commonality of the white Yom Kippur Yarmulka is a unifying factor at least for this one day.

At other times the head covering of the observant Torah community is looked upon as a means of identifying where along the wide spectrum of Yiddishkeit one stands. The various forms of felt hats, i.e. turned up or turned down? Black hat or some other neutral color? Is it a Streimel or a Spodik? Is the Streimel flat or high? Or perhaps there is no hat at all? Just a good old Yarmulka! Here we are again back to Yarmulka styles. Is it a cloth or velvet one? Does it have four sections or six? Is it double lined and has a velvet border or is it just plain? If we talk about a Kippah Serugah we still do not really
cover (pardon the pun) all the bases. Is it a large one or a rather diminutive one? Does it sport a logo (such as IDF), design, or pattern? Is it just white, or perhaps multicolored? And so on.

Unfortunately this diversity of fulfilling the concept of being one who shows fear of Heaven, or in Aramaic, Yarei Malka (see Shabbos 156b) has spawned much unnecessary knee jerk divisiveness.

As has often been pointed out, our enemies do not distinguish between this or that type of head covering. Enough said on that score.

Leaving the political and cultural differences aside, all Orthodox Jews share much in common. We need to realize and emphasize the shared commitment to Torah and Mitzvos that binds the Chassidishe community, the Yeshivishe Community, the Ashkenazic community, the Sephardic community, and the general Orthodox community together.

When I visit Eretz Yisrael I have the Privilege of Davening in a number of different Shuls depending on where I am lodging or traveling. I’m sure that many have Davened by the Kotel and joined a Minyan. Ten Jews, that’s all that matters. No particularism in terms of Nusaach or dress. If you’re touring, shopping, or walking in Yerushalayim and it’s time to Daven you might step in to one of the many Minyan factories that exist, or even into the shopping mall where there is a Shul. The diversity of Yidden who make up the Minyan is irrelevant. All Daven together. The social contract allows for whoever is the Shaliach Tzibbur to select the Nussach.

There is a small Sephardic Shul in Katamonim that I especially enjoy Davening in. The majority of the Mispallelim are clearly of Sephardic descent. Outwardly, they appear no different than any other “Poshute” Israeli. But the fervor with which they Daven, and the Sichos between Mincha and Maariv delivered by the young Talmid Chochom who acts as the Rav envelopes me in the Kedusha that they reflect.

Many who live in or near Borough Park have had the Zechus of Davening in the beautiful Young Israel Beth El of Borough Park. Especially when Chazzan Ben Zion Miler and the Choir Daven, the diversity of Yidden from every spectrum of Yiddishkeit that come to participate is inspiring. It is reflective of the nature of Klal Yisrael that is made up of the twelve different Shevatim.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me what kind of hat you wear, or none at all. My sainted Rosh Yeshiva Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”L didn’t put any store by the type of head covering you were wearing either.

I’ve been known to wear a white straw hat in Borough Park during the warm summer months, and except for the comments of one or two foolish people, I trust that the Hamon Am does not adversely judge me, as I would not judge them for their style of Chapeau. As my daughter taught me when she was in the Parsha of Shidduchim, “I don’t care what he wears on his head, I want to know what’s in his head.”

On Yom Kippur we have Teshuva in our heads. The white Yarmulka that all wear is indicative of our unity in Tefillah and Teshuva. May Hashem grant us the Teshuva that would give Klal Yisrael a Shanna Tovah Umesukah, Ah Gut Gebbenshte Yor!

Rabbi Moshe Snow

A Message From our High Holiday seating committee.
Dear Friend,

Welcome to our beautiful Shul. We hope you enjoy the uplifting and inspirational davening that you will partake in during the Yom Tovim. As you look around this amazing Shul, know how fortunate you are to be able to daven in this unique and welcoming environment.

We understand that the past few weeks have been very busy for you and you may not have had a chance to call our office to purchase a seat. The cost of a seat for a non-member is $125.00. The cost of a seat for a member is $100.00. We have not raised the cost of a seat in order to ensure its affordability. Our office staff looks forward to hearing from you this week or next week. Please try your hardest to contact the office before Erev Yom Kippur which falls out on September 18th this year.

The office phone number is (718) 435-9020.

You may come by this week to our office between 9:00am and 3:00pm (Monday thru Thursday) and personally purchase a seat if that is easier for you.

If you prefer you may go online to our website at , highlight giving and then click on donate. Under payment details type, scroll down to Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur and choose either non-member holiday seating or member holiday seating.

With best wishes for a K’sivah Vchasimah Tovah.
Shana tova. A Gut Gebentcched Yuhr. 
With blessings for a healthy and happy new year.

YIBE 30th Anniversary Dinner
The Young Israel Beth El of Borough Park 30th Anniversary Dinner will take place IY"H on Sunday November 4, 2018 at 5:30 pm in our beautiful newly renovated Social Hall.

Please visit our website for more information.
Thank You
Thank you to the following members who donated new chairs to our hall.

(in alphabetical order)
Neil Feinstein
Heshy Friedman
Yokhai Givon
Ida Halpern
Harry Piontnica
Mordechai (Mark) Rottenstein
Our Social Hall
Our Social Hall is ready for your event, on Shabbos or during the week. Please call our office at (718) 435-9020 for more information.
Daf Yomi Sponsorship Opportunity
The Daf Yomi has just begun the learning of Masechta Menachos. There are 109 pages in the Masechta. It would be a great Zechus to sponsor the daily learning of this Masechta. You could sponsor in memory of, or for a Zechus, or for any reason. For the next few months, at the beginning of each Shiur the dedication will be announced.This is a great way to honor while at the same time supporting all the Torah and Teffilah of our beautiful Bais Knesses and Bais Medrash. Dedications
begin at $1000. Please contact us through the web site or call our office.

Tizku LeMitzvot!
Shabbos Mevorchim Sponsorship 
You have the opportunity to financially support the Shul by Sponsoring a Shabbos Mevorchim/Shabbos Rosh Chodesh in memory of, or in honor of someone.
Sponsors get an Aliyah LeTorah, may request a niggun, and receive a Mishebairach by the Chazzan.
The Chazzan is accompanied by the YIBE Aaron Miller Memorial Choir
We ask for sponsorship in the amount of $1,500 and there are many Shabbosim open for this year as well as Yom Tov davening. Please let us know if you or someone you know are interested in sponsoring this or other programs - it can be a shared sponsorship as well. We hope you join us and help continue the beautiful traditions and programs we at YIBE are privileged to enjoy.

Please redeem your pledges
We gratefully thank all those who pledged for our appeals. Please redeem your pledges online or by calling the office at 718 435 9020.

Tizku Le Mitzvot.
Amazon Smile
Now you can support Young Israel Beth El when you shop on Amazon. Just start your shopping at and Amazon donates to our shul!

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Daf Yomi Shiur
Tuesday night Yitzchok Dov Rottenstein Gemara Shiur by Rabbi Moshe Snow

Masechta Menachos is being sponsored by Mordechai Rottenstein in memory of his parents, Yitchok Dov ben Nisan Eliezer and Ita Sima bas Yisrael Nochum A”H

Past Sponsors:

Masechta Zevachim was sponsored by Reb Rephael Weiss in memory of his Mother Chaya Rechel Bas Moshe and her
father Moshe Ben Avraham Tzvi.

Masechta Sanhedrin was sponsored by Mr. Yerachmiel Teitelbaum in Memory of his Father R' Yechiel Alter Teitelbaum.

Masechta Bava Basra was sponsored by Reb Refoel Weiss. We learned each day LeIylu Nishmas Reb Refoel's Father and Grandfather, R' Yosef Ben R' Refoel Halevi z'l and R'Refoel Ben R'Avraham Chaim Halevi z'l.

Masechta Bava Metzia was sponsored by “anonymous”. We gratefully acknowledge the donor who was an $1800 sponsor.

Masechta Bava Kamma was sponsored by the Schwartz Family. Le Iylu Nishmas Shimon Dovid Ben Mordechai HaKohen A"H, and Bruna Bas Shlomo Yehudah A"H.

Masechta Avodah Zarah was sponsored by Lenny and Frieda Schwartz in memory and L'Iylu Nishmos Shimshon Dov ben Mordechai HaKohein Schwartz Z"L, and Tzvi ben Yechiel Menachem Reichman Z"L.

We thank all our sponsors for their generosity and wish them much Bracha and Hatzlacha.

Would you like to sponsor a Shiur? If so, please call our office.. These Shiurim will accept sponsorship on a monthly or yearly basis.

Tehillim List
  • Maleh Bas Yenta (Koenig)

  • Ezra Yisrael ben Nechama Rochel

  • Menachem Mordechai Ben Ophira

  • (Harav) Gedaliah Dov ben Perel (Rabbi G.D.Schwartz)

  • Chaya Bas Esther

  • Yosef Betzalel Ben Rus

  • Chaya Syma Bas Breindel

  • Hinda Leah Bas Chaya Sarah (Mrs. Hirsch)

  • Hindel Bas Perel - (She is a young child who is undergoing treatment. BH since we started saying her name there has been some improvement. Please continue).

  • Yaakov Tzvi Ben Nechama Rachel

  • Even Ezer Ben Malka

  • Dov Nechemya HaKohein Ben Rochel Chaya Sarah

  • Nechama Rachel Bas Pessel

  • Rachel Bas Shifra

Please say Tehillim so that they can have a full recovery!

To add or remove a name to the list please call the office or email
Bikur Cholim
Rabbi Bobby Blau
The Belvedere - 5110 19th Avenue

Alfred Pearl
Nursing Home, Cortelyou Rd

You can always visit the:
Boro Park Rehab Center on 10th Ave between 49th & 50th.

We wish a Refuah Shelema to our Past President Dave Silverman.
YIBE job seekers
Do you know of an employment opportunity for this member? You can help by recommending or connecting our job seekers with a prospective employer.

I am looking for my next steps in my career. I have a successful background in human resources, wellness programming and facilitation, and communications.

My competencies and abilities include: technical recruiting, talent management, coaching, improving corporate culture, wellness programming and facilitation, writing digital content, UX Web User experience reviews, and collaborating with product managers on new web product features.

My Education: MA in I/O Psychology

Please feel free to let me know how I can help my future employer. My email is:
Nachum Segal

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