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January 5, 2018
Parsabiv and Sensipar - approval for renal dialysis services
In August 2017, CMS announced the injectable drug Parsabiv® (etelcalcetide) that falls within the bone and mineral metabolism functional category has been approved for renal dialysis services by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Beginning January 1, 2018, the injectable drug Parsabiv® (etelcalcetide) will be included in the ESRD Prospective Payment System (PPS).  With the inclusion of Parsabiv® in the ESRD PPS, Sensipar® (cinacalcet) will also now be included in the ESRD PPS and therefore no longer payable under Part D benefit when used for the provision of renal dialysis services.  The 2018 Mercy Care Advantage formulary will require a Part B versus Part D prior authorization when Sensipar® (cinacalcet) is prescribed for Mercy Care Advantage members.
As always, don't hesitate to contact your Mercy Care Advantage Provider Relations Representative with any questions or comments. You can find this notice and all other provider notices on our Mercy Care Advantage website.   

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