Welcome to part one of Stronger Together!
 In order to understand the complexities of a neighborhood, it's important to know its past. The Malone/Hawley neighborhood has a rooted history that is important to the City of Lincoln. Learn more about its history from Ed Zimmer, Historic Preservation Planner, Arthur McWilliams, long-time Lincoln resident, and about the impact made by the Malone Community Center since its founding .
NeighborWorks Lincoln inspires unity and builds community by:

  • Connecting residents to local community groups and events
  • Organizing neighborhood clean-ups
  • Identifying problem properties to convert into areas that benefit the community, either through affordable housing or other projects, such as community gardens
  • Creating an action plan to bring social order and unity
  • Supporting local artists and positive community messages through sponsorships of murals throughout our community, many of which have involved public schools
  • Sponsoring a Malone/Hawley Community Leadership Institute (CLI) team whose project evolved into a large neighborhood garden

NeighborWorks Lincoln welcomes you to our 5-part series, Stronger Together. Please join us
to see how 30-years of togetherness impacted one neighborhood and an entire community.
NeighborWorks Lincoln