Summer in Provence menu now with Aussie Perigord truffles!

Let’s go now to the 2019 summer menu which illustrates perfectly what I said above. As I mentioned in my previous newsletter we are featuring a Summer in Provence Menu that includes: Scallop Grenobloise - Peterson’s egg - Bourride - Coq au vin - Strawberry mille feuille. Thanks to all who have already given it very positive reviews!

Summer in Provence menu now with truffles!
Since my last letter, the Périgord truffles from Australia arrived & are more full of this magic aroma than ever. Enjoy these beauties with the Truffled Peterson Egg and with Risotto with Truffles..

It can get confusing with truffles… but it’s very simple.   

They are two kinds of truffles:

Périgord truffles from France in the winter & from Australia in the summer (reversed seasons/winter in Australia) and white truffles from Alba Italy. 

The Périgord truffles are black outside & black inside. The Alba truffles are white outside & white inside!   

Everything else although they are very cheap gives a bad name to truffles…sorry.