Part 2 - Why Network Marketing is Killing the Black Community 

 April 8, 2014


by Cathy Harris, The Ethical Black Business Coach


The article that I wrote on Multi-Level/Network Marketing was very detailed so everyone need to go back and read the article several times so you can understand how they work (click here)


Some people are not even ashamed of their game because they will have the name Network or Multi-Level Marketing in the company's name.


There are several groups especially on using Dr. Claud Anderson's hard work to get people involved in Network and Multi-Level Marketing.  They need to be exposed for this.  But the bigger problem at hand is just educating people on these Pyramid Schemes and why they don't work.


Dr. Claud Anderson's website is so if you see his videos on other websites -- they are using his pitch to reel you into their Multi-Level/Network Marketing Pyramid Schemes.  So be careful!


People really want to believe in these schemes because of some big names being involved such as billionaire Donald Trump who has his own Network Marketing company and is on several black radio stations nationwide and Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad." 


Just remember that these men are paid BIG MONEY by these companies to use their brands to advertise these companies.  But still common sense should tell you this is not your path to richness.


Since I wrote the first article, I have conducted even more research.  Just because you don't see your company's name on the below list, doesn't mean that what you are involved in is legitimate.  So again I advise everyone to conduct more research. 


You can conduct more research on Multi-Level/Network Marketing by going to, and and put in the words Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sells or Pyramid Schemes.


List of Network/Multi-Level Marketing 

Pyramid Schemes

NoniJuice (

Melaleuca (

Pre-paid Legal (

Primerica (

YTB Travel (

Quixtar (


Ameriplan (

Warm Spirit (

Ignite Energy (

Body Magic Shapers (

Juice Plus ( 

MCA (Motor Club of America) (

Organo Gold Coffee (

Mary Kay (

Avon (

Shaklee (

Herbalife (

Xango (

Arbonne (

Reliv (

Neways (

EDC Gold (

Free Life (

Vemma (

Agel (

Mannatech (

Waiora (

Send Out Cards (

Zrii (

Monavie (

Youngevity (

Vitamark International (

Oxyfresh (

Nuskin (

Nikken (

Nht global (

Life Force International ( 


Other Multi-Level/Network Marketing Schemes


Make $20 Online in 24 Hours


Youth Weekly Pay


Feeder Matrix


Live 1 Dream Power Team Marketing

(They claim they are going to save the world)


Direct Pay Biz


Ultimate Feeder Matrix




Black Business Network (also called Tag Team Marketing)




Top 12 Questions To Ask Before Joining Any Business Groups

Could Black Chambers of Commerce, Black Business Leagues and Black Business Networks save the Black Community?

 April 8, 2014


by Cathy Harris, The Ethical Black Business Coach


With small businesses being the backbone of the community, one would think that these business entities would be in a position to save the black community. But if you are a black business owner, then you should be well aware of how it really works and of all the struggles of black businesses.


Unlike other nationalities and communities - in the black community misinformation, urban legends, and old wives tales will always be the primary reason for relevant business information not being disseminated properly.


Many people don't know what to look for when they are seeking to join a local or national business group. Therefore, they end up joining the wrong group and get off track by losing their focus.


The following top 12 business questions are what you should ask yourself before joining any local or national business groups:


1. Is the Leader (CEO/President) of the Business Group Ethical?


The primary objective of any business network is to assist the network to achieve their goals - not just his or her goals. Everyone needs to understand that all leaders were followers at one time. But being a business owner especially the head of a business network means you must become a leader.


Not just a leader but an effective leader with your number one trait being honesty. It's up to the head of any business group to set the tone for their group because again, "It's their business!"


2. Is the Membership Fees or Activity Fees Too Expensive?


This is where you have to be really careful and investigate potential business groups. Some of these groups might run their business simply to collect extremely high membership, monthly or yearly fees.


You can check to see how much other groups are charging for their fees and compare prices. Do the fees fall in the same range as other business groups or do the fees seem extremely high for what they have to offer? 


Even if the funds are low, investigate what the funds are used for. If you don't receive a clear answer on how the business group is using the funds, then don't join because chances are these groups will not be honest with their members.


3. Do the Business Group Provide Feedback and Follow-up?


When you inquire about membership or other services or products of a business group, are they timely when getting back to you or do they even bother to return your phone calls and emails? 


Sometimes the President of a business group might be great but the people around him or her might not have the right attitude to bring in new members or help grow the group.


But again it's up to the leader of any business group to set the tone, therefore, he or she should be aware of what type of people they have surrounded themselves with. Not providing feedback and follow-up will be one of the main reasons that will force business owners to leave business groups and join others.


4. Do the Business Group have a Website With all Their Services and Products Listed?


Having a website will make it easier for anyone to view what services and products a business group has to offer. It will bring legitimacy to whatever mission the group is trying to achieve. It will also help you see how the group presents itself to the public and other potential members and partners.


Is the website professional? Are there spelling, punctuation or grammar errors? Does the website have a signup mailing list or do you have to join first? Is the website updated often? Does the website list any potential partners? All relevant information should be posted on the website especially the names of any other groups they are partnering with.


5. Who are the Business Group Partnering With?


In order to be a successful business owner, a solo business owner can only get so far unless they form strategic alliances and partnerships with other businesses. But before joining any business groups try to make sure you check out other potential partners of that group.


What type of reputation do these potential partners have? If the business groups you are looking at joining are partnering with groups that have hurt the black community (for instance by being involved in Network Marketing) -- then of course you do not want to be a part of their group. 


So investigate these groups by speaking to the President and other members and attend several meetings and networking events before you decide to join.


6. Are the Business Group' Leaders Forming Alliances with Black Pro-Business Legislators and Other Community Leaders?


Pro-business, visionary black legislators can play a major role in the success of black businesses. These legislators are in a position to disperse funds and business information to both black youths and adults and therefore we must hold them accountable especially when it comes to black youths.


Business leaders and groups must have respect for all segments of the community including grassroots, youth, elderly, other business proprietors, professionals, laborers, clergy, etc. This will not only allow the network to grow but it facilitates bonding and promotes self-esteem.


7. Are there Monthly Business Meetings, Yearly Events and Other Networking Activities?


Business networking is a marketing method by which business opportunities are created through networks of like-minded business people. There are several prominent business networking organizations that create models of networking activity that, when followed, allow the business person to build new business relationship and generate business opportunities at the same time.


Many groups are inactive when it comes to networking events. Some simply want others to join and pay their membership fees without giving them anything in return. Never, ever join a group that is INACTIVE unless you think your participation can help the group expand their services and products.


If the group does not have monthly meetings, yearly events or other networking activities where members can highlight their services and products and build relationships, then you need to find another group.


You can usually tell if a group is inactive when they don't update their website. All weekly, monthly or yearly activities should be listed on their websites.


8. Is the Business Group a Non-Profit?


Many of these groups especially Chambers of Commerce might be non-profits. Working with a Chamber of Commerce that is a non-profit will not hurt your business but be careful starting your own non-profit.


Most black business owners who have non-profits end up sitting around begging the government for money. A Chamber of Commerce is a form of business network that works with everyone from every walk of life such as small business owners, college students, educators, bankers, retirees, health professionals, etc., and others committed to ensuring the strength of our economy.


Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community. Local businesses are members, and they elect a board of directors or executive council to set policy for the chamber. The board or council then hires a President, CEO or Executive Director to run the organization.


Generally, Chambers of Commerce serves the following purposes: 1) Creating a strong local economy, 2) Promoting the community, 3) Providing networking opportunities, and 4) Speaking with government on behalf of business.


Chambers may also serve other purposes, such as arbitrating disputes between businesses or serving as a "Better Business Bureau."


9. Is the Business Group Polluted with Multi-Level Marketers?


Remember that many black business groups including Chambers of Commerce are involved with or is polluted with Multi-Level Marketers (MLMs) (also called Network Marketers, Referral Marketing, Direct Selling, Pyramid Schemes, etc.) such as Noni-Juice, Melaleuca, Pre-Paid Legal, Primerica, YTB Travel, ACN, Ignite Energy, Ameriplan, Quixtar, Body Magic Shapers, Warm Spirits, Juice Plus, MCA (Motor Club of America, etc.


That's why it's extremely important to visit groups several times before paying any type of membership fees or forming alliances or partnerships with these businesses. 


You want to stay away from these types of groups because if the groups are polluted with MLM's usually the President or leaders of the group will also be involved in some type of pyramid scheme --  which will make it extremely hard for you to succeed with your business because of their unethical business practices.


Remember never, ever get involved with any business simply because someone else is involved in the business. If it's not your passion chances are you will become bored and not succeed in your business.


10. Are Businesses Given the Right Tools to Move Their Businesses to the Next Level?


The purpose of any business is to grow into a local business, to a local company, to a National Corporation and into an International Corporation. The top 3 reasons a business fails are: 1) Lack of Research, 2) Poor Management, and 3) Lack of Funding.


Every business could use some extra money to grow their business. Are the group leaders making sure that members' business plans are being viewed by potential investors and others who can help their businesses move to the next level?


Are they bringing in speakers and other trainers who can help the group's membership grow and assist businesses with highlighting their services and products while they form strategic alliances and partnerships with other businesses?


11. Is it Hard to Join Committees in the Business Group and Actively Take a Part in the Group?


The problem with most business groups is the heads of these groups caters to their own long-time networks including their own family and friends and supporters whom they have built relationships with over the years -- even though they might not offer anything of value to the group.


Others who join these groups or committees will have an extremely hard time to move up in the group and get the visibility that they need to build and grow their businesses. 


Being a leader of any business with membership means developing the skills of the members of the group by encouraging full participation while opportunities are created for its groups' members.


Are there different committees and do they cover a broad range of topics that you would like to see addressed? Do current committee leaders give you the respect you deserve? Is your input taken seriously?


12. Do the Business Group Have a Youth Division?


Any black business group, whether they are a Chamber of Commerce, Business League or Business Network, should have a "Youth division" where young people can be matched up with other business mentors in the group.


They should also have a program where speakers, trainers and other business mentors go into the school system on a regular basic. These mentors should be guiding black youths to business resources in the community while they teach them about financial literacy, mentoring and tutoring programs.


If black business groups don't have a youth division, then volunteer to form this committee. This should be one of the most important committees in any black business group.


Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, the author of 20 non-fiction books and is known as "The Ethical Black Business Coach" She is available for Health, Business and Self-publishing Seminars and Workshops and can be reached through her company,  Angels Press, P.O. Box 5288, Atlanta, GA 31107, Phone: (770) 873-2072, Website:, Email: [email protected].


Copyright 2014 Cathy Harris. All Rights Reserved



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6 Top Business Myths


1.  You can't start a business without a lot of money:

Remember that over 90% of all businesses are started with private sources. While the amount of money varies depending on the type of business (part-time, seasonal, moonlighting, etc.) you are trying to start, the average entrepreneur starting a one-person business can easily start a business with less than $500 or $100 on a shoe string budget.


2.  There is grant money out there to start or expand a business: We've all seen the headlines: "Millions in free government money for your business." Late-night infomercials, reference guides and websites promote the availability of grant money to entrepreneurs for starting and expanding businesses. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is! 


3.  You can get grant money to start a non-profit corporation: There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to non-profits and grant money. If you decide to move forward with this venture go in with both eyes opened. Only certain groups are getting this grant money.


4.   There is grant money for women who want to open up businesses: If you seriously think someone is going to give you money because of your gender then you are sadly mistaken. The Small Business Administration or banks will not give money to women or men unless they meet a certain criteria or have built personal relationships with these people and/or both. 


5.  Business plans cost a lot of money: Actually you can write a business plan for free by using the Internet; reading books; and attending low-cost seminars and workshops for $40 to $60 through the or


6.  You have to have a college degree to open up a business:  Many people think people with college degrees are the only ones that can start businesses. If they had conducted their research, they would have known that even young people -- as young as 5 years old can become a business owner.


Many cities are creating Youth Entrepreneurship Clubs,Youth CEO Clubs or Youth Business Districts to get youth thinking about entrepreneurship. Youth business training is already offered in many private schools.
Are Black Families Setting Their Children Up for Failure by Not Allowing Them to Start Businesses?





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