What's the Workout Objective at Marshall's 584?

Strengthening exercise builds strength in the muscle, while simultaneously building strength in the surrounding connective tissue and bone; as opposed to aerobic exercise that builds endurance but provides little or no strength increases. 

In order for strengthening exercise to be effective, the amount of weight lifted must be sufficient enough to exhaust the muscle within a 60-120 second window of time, with good form.  A muscle is exhausted when it reaches a point where it is momentarily unable to move the weight. The exhaustion of muscle triggers the strengthening process, which occurs over the next few days as the muscle recovers.  And slow movement has the added benefit of producing faster results and is much safer.  But you have to tolerate the burn!!  That's the lactic acid that is needed and necesary  to  to get to the exhaustion.

Strengthening exercise is now recognized as critical to our health, particularly as we age.  It is the only way to maintain muscle strength as we age and muscle strength is the key to healthy joints, bone density and a long list of other health benefits, e.g. "muscle burns calories".

At Marshall's 584, we put you through  a sequence of MedX machines to obtain a workout that is balanced so all  opposing (antagonistic) muscle groups are strengthened. This guarantees that all the major joints in the body improve for joint health.  Balance is key. The more balanced you are, the less prone you are to joint issues.

MedX  equipment is the most advanced scientifically proven strengthening equipment. As a result, it is the most expensive line of equipment, and most gyms choose not to invest the money.  In order to strengthen and build an entire muscle, the muscle must have resistance through its entire movement.  This is what MedX is designed to do. 

Arthur Jones  was the legendary founder of  Nautilus . In 1986, he founded  MedX  to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance, and range of motion. 
Incorporated into every MedX product are decades of experience and millions of dollars of independent, university-based research. MedX is the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available. MedX products achieve training efficiency through resistance curves matched to tested and proven strength profiles. They operate at a very low level of friction and offer a choice of resistance in 2-pound increments, ensuring a weight that is just right - not too heavy and not too light - for rapid and steady progress. They are safe, efficient and very effective.

The machine in focus this week  is the MedX Torso Arm.

MedX Torso Arm

Torso Arm Muscles:  Trapezius (upper back), latissimus dorsi (broadest muscle of the back), biceps muscle of arm

Action: Shoulder depression and retraction, elbow flexion and rotator cuff stabilization

Benefits: Stability of shoulder girdle, postural stability of thoracic spine and neck 



Ginger and Turmeric:  These spices, common in Asian and Indian cuisines, have been shown in various studies to hold anti-inflammatory properties.  Turmeric, the pungent, golden spice used in curry, appears to work in the body by helping to turn off NF-kappa B, a compound that's integral to triggering the process of inflammation, research shows. Try this:  when you saute, use coconut oil (a great superfood) and sprinkle in your turmeric.   Turmeric's cousin, ginger, meanwhile, may cut inflammation in the gut.  Buy some fresh ginger in your grocery store's produce department. Try this:  peel the skin, slice thin pieces and put it in your green tea!

By Drew Baye

Some critics of high intensity training like to make the claim that "training to failure is training to fail."  However, if you consider the real objective of exercise and what it means to train to momentary muscular failure (MMF) it becomes obvious the truth is the exact opposite; training to failure is really training to

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It's flu season.  If you feel you are coming down with any flu-like symptoms, you will NOT  improve if you try to work out.  Your immune system will be taxed further and you will get worse.  Plus you will be spreading your germs.  Please cancel your workout session within  twelve hours (the night before)  to avoid possible charges. Read more of the following suggestions from the CDC:  

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