Welcome to part three of Stronger Together!
Homeownership is at the heart of building enduring resident connections; through helping families own their first home, NeighborWorks Lincoln supports longer residency in Lincoln's core neighborhoods.
 With an affordable place to call one's own and a stake in the neighborhood, residents are more likely to stay and take pride in the place they live. Through these strategies, the Malone/Hawley neighborhood has seen new life. Hear about the present-day neighborhood from Ed Zimmer, Historic Preservation Planner, Mozart and Colleen Dixon, neighborhood homeowners, and Tim Rinne, the founder of the Hawley Hamlet neighborhood garden.
In collaboration with the City of Lincoln and other partners, NeighborWorks Lincoln has helped create a measurable increase in homeownership in the Malone/Hawley neighborhood. Over the last decade, homeownership has increased by 3.1%, while comparable neighborhoods fell by 3.2%, and Lincoln as a whole decreased by 2.1%. Through shared efforts over the last few decades, Malone/Hawley has experienced longer residency and pride in the neighborhood.

NeighborWorks Lincoln welcomes you to our 5-part series, Stronger Together. Please join us
to see how 30-years of togetherness impacted one neighborhood and an entire community.
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