On April 24, 1990, Sherry Kohlenberg was in the shower thinking about a conversation she had with a friend a few days before. The friend had lost her mother and grandmother to breast cancer. She told Sherry that the only elective surgery she would consider was prophylactic (preventative) mastectomy.

With a sinking feeling, Sherry felt a hard lump under her arm. Once out of the shower, she had her husband, Larry Goldman, feel it too. She called her doctor and set-up an appointment for that day.

Two doctors examined her and asked if she had noticed any changes in her breast scar tissue - she had a benign excisional breast biopsy ten years before. Her doctors thought it was larger than at her last exam in November 1989.

That same day she went for a mammogram and met with a surgeon. Larry joined her.

The radiologist and surgeon found the lumps to be suspicious and performed a fine needle aspiration. Ten minutes later, the surgeon returned and told the couple to sit down. It was breast cancer - in both the lymph node and in the breast.

"I couldn't believe it, I was sitting in a tiny exam room and someone was telling me I had cancer. My husband and I held each other. He was brave, I cried," recalled Kohlenberg to Virginia Woman magazine.

Art Contest Winner Announced!
We are thrilled to announce the winner of our first Mother’s Day Art Contest: Grady, age 11 from Richmond! Grady’s beautiful artwork honors her mother, Bernice. Grady received a gift card from A.C. Moore. Congratulations!
Help VBCF Host Cancer Education
in Far Southwest VA
VBCF is organizing and hosting the annual Becky's Place educational tent at the Remote Area Medical Clinic (RAM) Wise County in far southwest Virginia on July 20-22. We partner with other educational groups to educate patients on breast health, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, tobacco cessation, and nutrition. VBCF volunteers will also be attending RAM Emporia and Gloucester in 2018.  Please make a donation to support Becky's Place today.     
New Research on Alcohol Consumption and Breast Cancer
The connection between breast cancer and alcohol is in the news again, with the latest research indicating that the age someone begins regularly drinking has a greater influence on breast cancer risk. According to a study by Liu, Nguyen, and Colditz, breast cancer risk increases 11% per drink per day before first pregnancy, and 4% of breast cancer diagnoses are due to alcohol consumption during this time. Breast tissue is most susceptible during the time between menarche (first menstrual period) and first pregnancy.
NBCC Summit & Lobby Day
Seven Virginians, including VBCF Board members and several Karin Noss Scholarship recipients (VBCF’s advocacy scholarship), attended the National Breast Cancer Coalition 2018 Advocate Leadership Summit in Washington, DC April 28-30 and National Lobby Day on Capitol Hill on May 1. VBCF Board Member, Jessica Ramirez, prepared a recap and reflection on the Summit and Lobby Day.
Medicaid Expansion
Despite bi-partisan support for Medicaid expansion, the Virginia Senate leadership deferred action on the state budget yet again this week. They will reconvene on May 22nd. Enough delay! The Senate needs to do its job.
25th Annual Peninsula Chapter Fashion Show a Success!
Thanks to all the  Chapter's ​ members, volunteers, sponsors, donors and attendees who ma ​d e it a success!
The Virginia Education Association recently honored the Portsmouth Education Association for their service to VBCF's Hampton Roads Chapter's Annual Victory Walk. Congratulations!
Thank you to the residents of Celebrate by Del Webb in Fredericksburg for hosting the “Tea for a Cause” on April 8th. Erin Steigleder, VBCF’s education manager, spoke to the group, and there was a silent auction and competition for the best decorated hat. The event raised more than $4,000 for VBCF’s education and advocacy work.
Need some encouragement to get moving?
2Unstoppable is offering a free online matching service to partner women with a cancer diagnosis with a buddy so they can support and motivate each other to be active. They are also launching a new website displaying oncology fitness resources. Their new resource page will include certified instructors, how-to exercise videos, articles, and tips-all focused on helping members incorporate fitness into their lives. All of their resources will be reviewed and approved by registered cancer exercise specialists to assure the highest quality of information. 2Unstoppable wants to fostering a community of women who inspire and support each other and they will provide community events to give their members the opportunity to meet and try new forms of exercise in a safe and fun atmosphere. The site launched May 7th, so check it out!

Introducing Cancer.com
CancerCARE has launched a new resource: cancer.com.
Cancer.com is a new customizable website with the latest news and resources from highly respected cancer organizations. The site allows you to:
  • Simplify your search by having a single place to go for information from respected sources
  • Get information based on your cancer type, stage of your treatment journey, and personal needs
  • Build skills to help you manage your unique challenges
  • Connect with others for support
  • Find a variety of resources in your local area

Visit www.cancer.com to set up your personalized page!
Breast Cancer Survivor Research Survey
Chloe Martin and Danyella Greene are doctoral students at Howard University. Their dissertations are examining health-related thoughts, feelings, and emotions in breast cancer survivors through a survey research study. They are currently recruiting breast cancer survivors to participate in their study which involves completing a 20-30 minute questionnaire online.

The eligibility requirements include being a woman who has:
  • Received a diagnosis of local or regional breast cancer
  • Completed treatment (with the exception of hormonal therapy)
  • Has no history of recurrence or any other form of cancer

Upon submission of the survey, participants will be entered into a raffle with a chance to win one of four $50 gift cards. Interested participants can email Danyella at danyellatg@gmail.com to be screened for eligibility and provided with the online link.
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