Dear LSF Members,

We are excited to share that we are going to be reopening, partially, as a result of Chicago moving into Phase 3!

There is a lot of information in this email so please take the time to review all details before you send an email asking questions – we have very limited team members right now so we are not able to handle a lot of correspondence. We have attempted to share all that we currently know as part of this email. We know that this is a difficult time for many and uncertainty is not a great thing, but please know that we have a reputation for being fair and professional and intend to live up to that reputation.

Partial Reopening:
Per recent proclamations from our mayor, we are allowed to open as of June 3rd for outdoor classes with a maximum of 10 people per class, one-on-one training, outdoor dining, and limited use of outdoor attractions as long as we can maintain social distancing and use masks. As a result, we intend to open on June 3rd with a full range of group fitness and children’s classes, one-on-one training sessions in a variety of spaces and at various price points, access to outdoor amenities such as rooftop pools, and tennis and paddle courts subject to reservations, with dining to follow shortly thereafter.
  • We are in process of developing a robust range of cycling, yoga, fitness, and children’s fitness classes that will take advantage of our abundant and beautiful rooftop spaces, creating sheltered class locations for inclement weather at our Lincoln Park location, preparing internal spaces for private training and more. Classes will be available for a $10 reservation and sanitizing fee. Check out the MyLSF app for the schedule and to make your reservations. 
  • We will offer our premium PT360 comprehensive training with the best personal trainers in the business for all members at normal price points. If you are interested in working with a trainer, please contact for Lincoln Park and for Illinois Center.
  • In compliance with the governmental requirements only allowing 1-on-1 training indoors, we are introducing our special C20 training option for $15 per hour which enables adult and child members alike to complete their workout regimen with any equipment, resource (such as a pool) or protocol that is agreed upon ahead of time and ensures compliance with governmental restrictions related to social distancing and capacity restrictions (given our large facilities, neither should present an impediment to your workout). Initially to arrange for your C20 1-on-1 training session or for any questions on the program, for Lincoln Park please contact and for Illinois Center, please contact As this program gets up and running, it will be available on the MyLSF app as well. 
  • In compliance with city requirements only allowing 1-on-1 training indoors, basketball, tennis and squash courts will be available for private 1-on-1 training only at normal rates. Outdoor tennis, basketball, and paddle courts will be available for group classes, private 1-on-1 training and general reservations.
  • To schedule your tennis or paddle 1-on-1 training or arrange for an outdoor group class, please contact or your favorite tennis pro.
  • To schedule your squash 1-on-1 training, please contact
  • For basketball 1-on-1 training or outdoor group class, please contact and specify at which club you are interested in taking basketball lessons. 
  • Our rooftop pools will be available by reservation only for no charge. To enable as many members to take advantage of the pools, we are limiting reservations to 30 minutes, with 15 minutes between reservations to allow for sanitizing. Reservations are restricted to no more than 10 members at a time. Initially, the Lincoln Park rooftop pool will be sectioned into two areas and will be available only at times that the temperature is projected to be over 70 degrees. The Illinois Center rooftop pool will be available for one reservation at a time. Lincoln Park members are welcome to use the Illinois Center pool and vice-versa. Please note, showers need to be taken at home before coming to the clubs as we are not allowed to open showers at this time but changing rooms and bathrooms will be available. Reservations will be available on the MyLSF app as soon as the pools are ready to go and may be made a maximum of 7 days ahead of time. 
  • We expect to open Harvest for rooftop dining shortly. Based on government guidelines, we are allowed to use the inside portion of Harvest with the doors open, so there will be plenty of shelter in case of inclement weather. We intend to have a full menu, but expect to have an altered service approach where orders will be placed via an app on your cell phone and members will collect their food themselves, reducing interactions with staff. Reservations will be required and will only be available to active members and their invited guests. 
  • During this time, no guests will be allowed. New memberships may be purchased for $40 per week per person by contacting For all existing members, we will apply your unused dues from the few days in March we were required to close to cover your membership cost for the entire month of June, reflecting a significant savings for most members. 
  • In addition, all members will have access to programs and training opportunities at both Lakeshore Sport & Fitness club locations during this time. 

New protocols and approaches we are working on for your safety:
Your safety is of the utmost importance to us as we reopen the clubs. We've consulted with third-party resources in infection control, as well as doctors and hospital managers to advise us on making our business safe for you and our team members. As a result, we have invested in a wide array of solutions to allow for physical distancing and intensified our cleaning regimens with the addition of several new advanced technologies. There are many differences you will see each time you visit, such as our team wearing KN-95 masks, new directional signage (and in some cases doors) for one-way traffic to enhance physical distancing, spaced out cardio equipment, and much more as detailed in our previous email and on our website. There are also many items you won’t notice, such as our use of UV Radiation to disinfect spaces overnight and our substitution of standard wet wipes with Clorox ones that are certified for Covid-19 disinfection. If you have questions about our safety protocols, please feel free to reach out to

Camps for 2020:
We have still not received guidance from our elected officials on what we will be allowed to do as it relates to camp but expect to be able to offer normal camps in Phase 4 which is 28 days out at a minimum. In the meantime, we are working to offer at-home camps with our staff at your homes starting on June 15th. If you are interested in learning more about this offering, please contact As we get more information and clarity about our regular camps, we will share it ASAP.

Membership Changes/Cancellations/Credits:
We are not ready to handle membership changes and you are still not being charged. Please do not contact us with requests to change or cancel your membership. At this point, we simply do not have the capacity to respond to such requests. We are similarly not yet able to process credits to accounts for items that were not able to be used during our closure. When we are ready to handle account changes, we will let you know and give you ample time to make decisions and changes before we charge you again. We will treat you both professionally and fairly when the time comes to process these requests.
While we are excited to enter Phase 3 and begin reopening, we are very conscious of safety issues and don’t want to have Chicago slip back into Phase 2 so we will be taking all the precautions possible – we ask you to do the same so we can all get back to normal as fast as possible! The Mayor’s team will be out and about inspecting our behavior, so let’s all do the right thing so we don’t get in trouble.

Finally, while we have been closed, we have been focused on taking care of our team members as best as possible, but still have had to pay our mortgage, real estate taxes, utility bills, health insurance and more. We appreciate that everyone has been impacted by this virus, and hope that you will be supportive of bringing your club back to what it was like before and keeping your favorite team members employed by maintaining your membership and activities at the club.



Your LSF Leadership Team