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JULY 2016                                        
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Grant Deadlines
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Success Story
Movement in Motion - Bay St. George YMCA

This free program is for youth ages 14-18 who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Students from Stephenville High School are transported to the Bay St. George YMCA every Wednesday morning to take part in a 1 hour motivating fitness session. Using music as a motivation for movement, these sessions include stimulus in fine motor, gross motor, hand-eye coordination, sensory skills, leadership, and provide social interaction with the community and members of the Bay St. George YMCA.

With this program we hope to build awareness of the value of movement in daily life and encourage self-responsibility and creativity while doing so. The new equipment we purchased helped remove the barrier for participants who had mobility issues, limited range of motion, balance, stability or coordination issues. 

"As our programming developed weekly, we would leave fitness with the stability ball for the last part of the day. It was a great way to incorporate balance, agility and increase confidence. One student in particular was very nervous using the ball. In January when we started, she did not want to be engaged at all. It took a few months but near the middle of May she suddenly sat on the ball and followed  instructions. She continued to join us every week after and even enjoyed the stretching at the end."

Recreation and Sport for Persons with a Disability Funding Program

The Recreation and Sport for Persons with a Disability Funding Program aims to increase support, remove barriers and develop actions to support individuals with physical disabilities to participate in recreation and compete in sport activities. Funding is available to support the following:
1) Equipment
2) Travel Assistance
3) Recreation & Sport Development Project/Initiatives

The activities should focus on increasing the availability of recreation and sport programs, increasing physical activity levels of persons with physical disabilities, while bringing awareness to ALL individuals about opportunities that are available in recreation and sport in our province. To learn more about the funding program please click here.

HIGH FIVE Loves Lucy Campaign

#HIGHFIVElovesLucy: City of St. John's
#HIGHFIVElovesLucy: City of St. John's

The HIGH FIVE Loves Lucy Campaign is designed to promote physical activity and healthy, happy children playing sports across Canada.  Lucy loves being active and trying new sports. HIGH FIVE loves using the 5 Principles of Healthy Child Development to create positive experiences for kids in sports. What a perfect team.

 For more information on the HIGH FIVE Loves Lucy campaign visit

Staying  Hydrated During the Summer Months

When planning snacks for your Teen Challenge physical activity program, it's important to ensure that adequate fluids are provided, particularly during the hot and humid days of summer. According to Canada's Food Guide, healthy beverage options include water, milk, and 100% fruit or vegetable juice. Check out this link to Eat Great and Participate's Beverages for Health and Sport for more information.

For more healthy eating tips, contact Stephanie, Registered Dietitian at (709) 729-4432 or

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