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ParticipACTION Teen Challenge 
September 2016                                        
Upcoming Grant Deadlines
Grant Deadlines
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November 18th
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Before applying for a Teen Challenge Grant please review our

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Healthy Snack Idea for your Teen Challenge Program!

There are still a few weeks of summer so why not serve a Yogurt Banana Split at your next Teen Challenge event? This yogurt banana split recipe is healthier than the traditional ice cream variety and includes servings pf fruit, milk products and whole grains. The recipe calls for frozen berries which make it more affordable, and you can replace the granola with your favourite whole grain cereal. You can also offer other toppings like dried fruit or honey.

For more healthy eating tips, contact Stephanie, Registered Dietitian at (709) 729-4432 or

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HIGH FIVE ® Loves Lucy Campaign

#HIGHFIVElovesLucy: City of St. John's
#HIGHFIVElovesLucy: City of St. John's

The HIGH FIVE ® Loves Lucy Campaign is designed to promote physical activity and healthy, happy children playing sports across Canada.  Lucy loves being active and trying new sports. HIGH FIVE® uses the 5 Principles of Healthy Child Development to create positive experiences for kids in sports. What a perfect team.

The last day for submissions is October 1st!

For more information on the  HIGH FIVE®  Loves Lucy Campaign visit

International Walk to School School Month (IWALK)

International Walk to School Month (IWALK) is an annual global event taking place each October! It is a mass celebration of active transportation and its related issues are used to introduce communities to the Active & Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) program.

Wheeling and Walking to School 
Active school travel is any form of human-powered travel such as walking, cycling, in-line skating, using a wheelchair, riding a skateboard, cross country skiing, canoeing and kayaking!

Wednesday, October 5th is International Walk to School Day!!

For more information, please click here.

Recreation and Sport for Persons with a Disability Funding Program

The Recreation and Sport for Persons with a Disability Funding Program aims to increase support, remove barriers and develop actions to support individuals with physical disabilities to participate in recreation and compete in sport activities. Funding is available to support the following:

1) Equipment
2) Travel Assistance
3) Recreation & Sport Development Project/Initiatives

The activities should focus on increasing the availability of recreation and sport programs, increasing physical activity levels of persons with physical disabilities, while bringing awareness to ALL individuals about opportunities that are available in recreation and sport in our province. To learn more about the funding program please click here.

Success Story -  Rabbittown  Community Centre

"It is without a doubt a genuine joy watching youth succeed in nature, when they apply themselves, and get results. With our bowling league, not only was there an improvement in skill, but a close commodore was developed. Being active, taking risks, challenging the comfort zone that exists, is exactly what our youth did. Coming together to form teams, collaborating on strategy, tips to launch the ball, and just to be silly dancing encompasses so much energy.

Putting their phone aside, casting social media to the wind to make an effort, makes me happy. Visceral attention and focus is not  on making interpersonal connections. Going to bowling makes that a real possibility while encouraging physical activity. It means to me, that if we have the opportunity to get youth engaged, active, and social, finding their interest helps strengthen the focus on improving them in so many ways."
Success Story Submission

The Success Story Wall of Inspiration is currently out of service. To submit your success story, please forward it to Carla Sullivan at Don't forget to attach some pictures! We love to see active snapshots of the teens engaging in physical activity programs!!

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