March 29, 2021
Science, Technology, and Innovation. A project of the Global Girls Collaborative and Futuristas.
Gender diversity in technology and science will be a key post-COVID advantage in developing and building damaged economies and societies.

The Gender Scan research is an international study - in partnership with UNESCO and international associations – that examines the role of women in scientific and technology professions. Among its goals is to raise the profile of women working in cutting-edge technology and science research sectors.
Women in science and technical courses only represent 34% of graduates worldwide. The data is even worse in the workplace. Today, women only make up 28% of scientists and engineers on the planet

Gender Scan has created the Gender Scan 2021 online survey for those who want to change the situation.

Designed and developed by experts and associations from around the world, the survey gives a voice to students, researchers, entrepreneurs, the self-employed and employees about the reality faced by each, and the impact of COVID-19.
GenderScan Map
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