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2015 Participatory Budgeting Results
I am pleased to announce the results  of this year's Participatory Budgeting process. During this year's program, 851 District 10 residents voted to decide on how we should spend $200,000 to improve and enhance our neighborhoods.

The winning projects are listed below in  the order of the number of votes  received.  Thank you to all who participated in this process. From submitting a project idea to attending a meeting, your participation made a difference. The process gave me an opportunity to hear from all of you about your ideas, priorities and vision for District 10. I will consider your ideas and priorities as we head into the budget process this month.  

Security cameras on Bayshore Boulevard
Installation of four security cameras on Bayshore Boulevard between Arleta Avenue to Sunnydale Avenue.

Security cameras on Leland Avenue 


Installation of four security cameras on Leland Avenue from Bayshore Boulevard to Rey Street.

Youth Escorting Seniors to Health and Wellness Services Pilot Program
A summer pilot program to provide part-time employment for youth escorting seniors from their homes to their daily health and/or wellness services.

Security Cameras at John King Senior Center

Installation of up to five security cameras at John King Senior Center at 500 Raymond Avenue

Increased Police Patrol 
Increased police patrol by one officer for five hours per week for one year in District 10.

Increased Plainclothes Police Patrol 
Increase plainclothes police patrol teams 17 times for one year in District 10.

Security Cameras in Bayview and Potrero Hill
Installation of three security cameras at 3rd Street & Oakdale Avenue, 16th & Utah Streets, and 16th & Vermont Streets.

Project No One Left Behind

Educational Support for youth living in public housing in District 10. Services will include development of action plans for individual students to provide regular support for increased attendance, and improved behavior and academic performance.

Bayview Clean-Up


Three month program to support youth from District 10, including the Westbrook and Sunnydale Housing Developments to provide community beautification by removing debris and graffiti. This program would teach participants about environmental safety and cleanliness.



I look forward to working with you to implement these projects and to continue advocating for more funding so that even the projects that weren't selected will be prioritized. 
Best regards,
Malia Cohen
Member, Board of Supervisors

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