October 2014
October PSS AccuSizer 
and Nicomp News

We hope you find the October edition informative. This month we provide several technology updates including measuring nanoparticles for drug delivery online using DLS and a guide to making zeta potential measurements on the Nicomp 380 . You can register for the webinar on Unique Particle Characterization Techniques. We also invite you to come see us at the AAPS meeting November 2-6 in San Diego, CA.

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Online Monitoring of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery        
Research into nanoparticles for drug delivery is now turning into products on the market. The particle size distribution is a critical physical property that influences quality and yield. Most companies are making dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements in the lab to measure nanoparticles < 100 nm. But the PSS Nicomp Online DLS system can now provide real-time particle size distributions of your batches while they are being made.

This new application note explains how the Nicomp Online DLS  system has been successfully integrated into the batch manufacturing process of nanoparticles used for drug delivery. Read how BIND Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA benefited from both process optimization and monitoring using online DLS analysis.

Download the new application note.

Zeta Potential Analysis Guide for the Nicomp 380
  Many Nicomp 380 customers use the instrument to measure the zeta potential of suspensions. This new guidebook provides customers with an updated explanation of how to operate the system properly in order to generate the best possible results. Sections include instrument setup, sample preparation, and data interpretation.
Download the Guidebook
Attend the Webinar 2 PM EDT October 30
Unique Particle Analysis Techniques

This webinar will explain how single particle optical sizing (SPOS) can be used to quantify protein aggregation by providing size and concentration information down to 150 nm.


Then see how online dynamic light scattering can be used as an online monitor to measure the size of nanoparticles used for drug delivery.


The webinar will last 30 minutes with time for questions at the end.

See us at the AAPS National Meeting, San Diego, CA

PSS will be exhibiting at American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists National Meeting, November 2-6, Booth #3002, at the San Diego Convention Center. Come see us and discover why so many companies are using the AccuSizer and Nicomp systems in their laboratories.

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