March 2015
March PSS AccuSizer 
and Nicomp News

We hope you find the January edition informative. This month we provide several technology updates including filter testing of CMP slurries, verifying Nicomp systems, and a review of particle count standards and procedures for the AccuSizer. New web pages highlight our trade shows for the year and online DLS capabilities.  We also invite you to attend the webinar on SPOS on Tuesday March 31. .

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Attend a Webinar on Single Particle Optical Sizing (SPOS);  Technology and Applications      

SPOS is a high resolution, high accuracy particle size and count technique. Each particle is measured directly, providing a high resolution representation of the particle size distribution including the concentration in particles/mL. Do a few large particles cause quality problems with your product? SPOS is 500 times more sensitive to tails in the distribution than light scattering techniques. See how this technique can be used in your lab or online in your process.


Register for the Webinar on Tuesday March 31 at 1:30 PM EDT

New Technical Support Documents;
Nicomp DLS Size and Zeta Potential Verification
AccuSizer Particle Count Standards and Procedures
  Frequent system verification is a necessity for both regulatory and data confidence reasons. Customers can choose to have system verification testing performed by trained PSS representatives or do it themselves. We actually recommend you do both, with the frequency based on risk assessment. 

Learn how to verify size and zeta potential results from a Nicomp DLS system.

Learn about particle count (as opposed to size) standards and how to verify count accuracy of an AccuSizer SPOS system.
Filter Testing for CMP Slurries Application Note


CMP slurries are often filtered as part of their   production process and during their use.  The PSS AccuSizer is being used at sites around the world to test filter efficiency in CMP slurry delivery systems. Customers test with the AccuSizer to improve yields by detecting large particle counts that can scratch surfaces and to time filter replacement to assure quality while optimizing minimize filter expense.


Download the CMP Filter Efficiency Application Note

New Web Pages:  Online DLS Systems and  2015 Trade Shows
Please visit our new web pages.

The Nicomp OL online system couples a compact optics bench with our unique autodilution fluidics all ruggedized for the production environment. Do you manufacture hi gh value nanoparticles where size consistency is critical to quality and profitability? If so , contact us to find out if the Nicomp OL is a sound investment for your process. The ROI may be as short as several months.

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Want to see our latest systems and talk over your applicatio n requirements? Visit us at one of the many trade shows around the world w here PSS will  ex hibit at in 2015.

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