FEBRUARY 23, 2018
"We learn more about this world-changing event from the stories of men, women and children who were not in the top tiers of the Muslim League or Indian National Congress parties whose history has come to define this seminal event in the world’s memory." - Nabil A. Khan , Visiting Scholar, Harvard, in the first in a series of blog posts about SAI's Partition Project. 
Harvard doctoral student Cresa Pugh has devoted much of her academic career to understanding Myanmar’s complex, unstable social dynamics, and has personally witnessed the destruction and impacts of the recent violence in Rakhine, home of the Rohingya.
Simi Shah '19 and Ayman Mohamed '19 discuss this year's production of Ghungroo with SAI. "In 1988, students organized the first Ghungroo show to raise funds after a cyclone devastated an area in Bangladesh. It has now evolved into an annual dance show that brings people together from South Asia and beyond."  
" The line at HAEFA (Health and Education for All) is at least five times longer than at other medical camps. The group sees 200 to 300 patients per day, working until the army closes the camp at dusk," writes Dr. E. Jane Carter and Dr. Ruhul Abid (Brown University).
“I see opportunities for types of things we’re doing to actually make a difference in people’s lives.” says Conor Walsh (Harvard SEAS) in an interview with the Harvard Gazette. As part of the SAI and Tata Trust Social Enterprise Partnership in India, Walsh is developing a series of consumer-oriented, affordable, wearable devices, to address physical disability in India.
Friday, February 23, 2 PM, Brown University

Dr. Maya Tudor,  University of Oxford, will use evidence from India and Malaysia to discuss the origins of stable, democratic and effective states across the developing world.  
Friday, March 2, 2 PM, Brown University

SAI Fellow Raile Rocky Ziipao will discuss social dynamics and infrastructure development in India's frontier and border region. His research on the frontier highways uses the philosophy of Indigenous methodology (perspective from within).
Friday, March 2, 2 PM, CGIS South S050

As part of the Joint Seminar on South Asian Politics series, Professor Adam Auerbach,  American University, will discuss client preferences in broker selection and informal leadership in India’s urban slums
 SAI offers opportunities for scholars and practitioners to utilize the university's resources to contribute to self-driven, independent research related to South Asia. The deadlines for the 2018-2019 Aman Fellowship, Arvind Raghunathan and Sribala Subramanian South Asia Visiting Fellowship and Babar Ali Fellowship are March 6, 2018.
 Organized by Nepal Leadership Academy , this trek features a course led by SAI Nepal Programs Country Director, Pukar Malla . The Trek is designed for young professionals and university students looking to hone their leadership skills while engaging in outdoor Himalayan adventures. The trips runs from May 28-June 18, 2018. The application is available  here and the deadline is March 5, 2018 .
Freeset Fabrics received a Social Innovation Grant from SAI and TATA Trusts to train women in the art of hand loom weaving using natural fibers. Freeset Fabrics’ goal is livelihood creation in rural communities of Murshidabad, West Bengal for vulnerable women who would otherwise be at risk of trafficking into prostitution, bonded labor or migration.