March, 2018
Attending TRANSACT?

Be sure to stop by the BridgePay booth #737 at  TRANSACT next month in fabulous Las Vegas. Meet the BridgePay team and see our latest products that check all the boxes in a gateway partner! Find out more about our latest development efforts -  PayGuardian Cloud  - to help  solve your EMV, PA-DSS, and  installation needs for 
your POS customers.  Please come by and say hello.    Let's meet at TRANSACT!

Product Enhancement Notice

MyBridgePay users will see many new enhancements the next time they login to the virtual terminal or access gateway reporting. Log in speed has been greatly enhanced for reseller partners across all supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Did you know BridgePay offers both service fees and convenience fees? The virtual terminal underwent a few  service fee enhancements allowing the merchant greater flexibility when enabled for service fees. 

Check out the full release notes on the Integrator Support portal

Users will continue to see enhancements made to MyBridgePay in the coming months including a complete design update. We are pretty excited for customers to start using this new tool. 
Plus, we think you will really like it too!  

Mobelisk Unveils Industry First IoT Modules at Mobile World Congress 
with Payments Powered by BridgePay

Mobelisk creates durable and flexible mobile workforce solutions that include real-time operational analytics, durable hardware, remote device management and mobile SDKs. BridgePay is proud to be the gateway partner behind Mobelisk's payments product enabling enterprise customers with all the latest in payments technology. 

The product was recently shown at the Hewlett Packard booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Read the full press release.  

To learn more about Mobelisk's solutions, visit


What Makes  our Partnership with Bluefin 
Better than the Competition?

BridgePay partnered with Bluefin, the gold standard of PCI validated P2PE, allowing POS integrators to look no further for the complete payments solution:  EMV, data security, and reduction of PCI scope all available through a single integration to PayGuardian!  Read more about our partnership as featured in The Green Sheet.

What makes our partnership with Bluefin a better solution?
  • P2PE online portal assists merchants to manage all their PCI compliance including device attestations and reporting to their QSA
  • Bluefin's security solutions are found in the API calls and not in the physical tethering of devices to stands
  • Remote device deactivation
  • Validation of the device with every transaction processed


BridgePay is dedicated to maintaining a high level of security and compliance to protect sensitive data. In order to ensure security and compliance, BridgePay will be migrating its systems to use TLS 1.2. BridgePay systems currently support TLSv1, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2. However, on June 30, 2018, Bridge Pay production systems will no longer support TLSv1 or TLSv1.1.

In order to facilitate testing, BridgePay will migrate all of its test systems to use TLS 1.2 ONLY on April 2, 2018. We strongly recommend testing as soon as possible to ensure any production migrations go smoothly and to prevent transaction interruptions.

Any system that makes an inbound encrypted connection to BridgePay systems can be affected. This includes web browsers, terminals and direct API integrations. Older versions of PayLINK, versions 2.1.253 and older, do not support TLS 1.2. This means that on April 2, 2018, these older versions will not be able to connect to BridgePay test systems. Please upgrade to the latest version of PayLINK (2.1.254) that supports TLS 1.2, which is available to users on our website and Integration Support portal.  Production is not affected at this time.