Issue 67 • February 2018
Partnering With Purpose: Market-Oriented Solutions
Empower Communities
There’s strength in numbers. It takes a village. A threefold cord is not easily broken. No matter what phrase you use, the principle remains the same: we achieve better results when we work together. Feed the Future equips people around the world with the knowledge, innovations and connections they need to successfully partner together and improve their businesses, whether it be a farm, service provider or store. And as their productivity and profitability increase, these entrepreneurs return the investment to their communities, offering others the opportunity to grow.

This month’s stories show how partnerships are a crucial element in enterprise-driven development around the world. By bringing the right mix of people, support and solutions together, they can change lives and build a more food-secure future.
Feed the Future in Action
Potato Partnership Helps Farmers Fight Late Blight
Innovations from U.S. schools and companies could change the future of Bangladeshi agriculture . Read more
Two Sides of the Same Leaf: Controlling Pests in Cambodia
Farmers in Cambodia are learning to protect their crops through methods ranging from pest exclusion nets to biological pesticides. Read more
From Farm to Shelf: A Sweet Potato Story
Universal Industries, a leading snack and beverage company in Malawi, is developing a line of sweet potato snacks. With support from Feed the Future, the company is training farmers and providing them with planting materials. This is helping increase sustainable access to vitamin A-rich foods for both rural and urban consumers and helping farmers generate new sources of income. See more
Kenyan Youth Lend Each Other a Helping Hand
From farming to agriculture, Kenyan youth are learning best practices and innovations and passing them on to their peers. Read more
Plot Mapping Helps Rwandan Farmers Find a Winning Formula
Most people use their GPS for directions, but these farmers are using it to refine and improve their production capabilities. Read more
New Technical Guide for Africa
Last month, USAID, in collaboration with international and national research and development partners, released the first edition of the Fall Armyworm Technical Guide . This technical manual shares the latest protocols related to integrated pest management to control this agricultural pest in Africa.
A Booming Rice Mill Boosts Profits and Benefits Farmers in Nepal
Knowledge is power and in Nepal, it means more local production, too. Read more
Innovative Irrigation Brings Possibilities to Malawi
Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with a new irrigation technique that will improve food security in Malawi. Read more
Telling the Story of Ending Global Hunger Through Photos
Check out the winners of Feed the Future's latest photo contest and discover how partnership and innovation are helping transform lives and communities around the world . See more
Featured Videos
Food Security Champions Lead Change in Kenya
Leadership training empowers young people and shifts perceptions about what Kenya's agriculture industry has to offer . See more
Madagascar’s Vanilla Farmers Enter the Global Market
Vanilla farmers in Madagascar join together in cooperatives to enter new markets, get better prices for their products, and make the most of their combined crops . See more
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