Moving the Needle
What One Person (You!) Can Do

  • Start by Knowing the "Why" for focusing on Gender Parity. Here are the Stats from our partner, Paradigm for Parity©

  • Use Your Voice - In person and on Social Media

  • Share Resources to Help Your Organization

  • Mentor Others

  • Understand 'the Meritocracy Fallacy' and how it affects you and other female leaders.

What is the “ meritocracy fallacy?” In a recent CLO Magazine article, WOMEN Unlimited's CEO, Dr. Rosina Racioppi, defines it - 'It’s the belief that female talent will be noticed and promoted to leadership roles and, as a result, gender parity will be achieved. If that were the case, we would have been at parity years ago, since large numbers of talented women have been part of the workforce for almost half a century and, today, the workforce is more than 50 percent women.'