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Reopening? It's time to plan.
What kind of assistance do you need?
Create an action plan specific to your industry templates here for you
Financial and accounting assistance
A small business owner needs an experienced team to brainstorm about new ideas and how to pivot. Impartial feedback is important.
It's all so confusing. Contact us to figure out how to apply and use the funds if you get them.

We also have a list of grants available on our website.
Legal issues and concerns regarding you new business pivot. Email us and we will connect you with a pro bono legal help.
Email newsletters are a direct target to communicating with your people.Let us help you get started.
Yes, at Valley Community Development's Small Business program we offer all the above services at no cost. Simply reach out to Dee Dice our Small Business Coordinator to set up an appointment or ask a few questions. Email her at or call and leave a message 413.586.5855 x230
Partners Who Pivot*
featuring people and businesses who
are making significant changes at this time.
*“Pivot” is  a popular term  in the start-up world. If a business's initial idea doesn’t work as planned, entrepreneurs are expected to be ready to pursue a Plan B. - Wharton School of Business

i m 3 :
Immigrant Mask Makers of western Mass
Masks for You; Jobs for Us

A group of immigrant women
in western Massachusetts
trying to make a living
amidst COVID-19. 

Read more about their project and their needs. Sewing machines, volunteers and monetary donations welcome
Amy Ben-Ezra at < >
Talk to your People

Yes, you heard me. Your clients, previous clients, vendors, colleagues, business connections, friends, and yes, even the competition - Reach out to them during this time. They are you most valuable resource.

Guess what? They are wondering what you are doing. You are wondering about what they are doing.  

It's time to let them know:
  1. The changes happening in your business.
  2. What is keeping you sane or insane, during this time?(You own a clothing store - Are you buying new inventory or simply having a home fashion show every evening to keep the kids entertained.)
  3. What new safety procedures are you implementing at this time?
  4. Do you have anything new they can browse or read - a new blog, product, or something just crazy funny?

It's also time to ask them:
  1. What problems are they trying to solve? That's how most new businesses get started - solving problems.
  2. What is most frustrating for them?
  3. What new habits have they started? 
  4. What are they consuming - and I don't mean extra sweets. Podcasts, books, people they are "following", online classes - you get the idea.

 Learning from your customers, staff, vendors and all those in your inner circle helps you be more creative and more secure about new decisions - and there are certainly plenty of decisions to be made.

Sandra Costello of Sandra Costello Photography is a great example of an interactive, fun informative newsletter - Take a look Certainly you can reach them via social media and a simple phone call, too.

Let me know if you are ready to start an email newsletter and communicate with your people. Let's do it together.
Worth Referencing
MSBDC provides free and confidential one-to-one business advice to prospective and existing small businesses. They provide a wide variety of business training programs.
Franklin County CDC is a resource to help start or grow your business at any stage. Counsel, Capital and Connections is their motto. They offer a free monthly 1.5 hr workshop on the first Wednesday of each month.
Common Capital offers small business technical assistance for their borrowers.Their online workshops and Facebook live trainings are open to the public.
Hi lltown Community Development assists Hilltown residents by addressing economic, housing, educational, social and community needs while preserving rural character.