Think Crazy Zauberball for fun socks that use two completely different yarns. The colorful Zauberball gradients pair up nicely with each other.
You can knit unique and crazy socks, unlike anything found in shops or online.

We'd like to suggest some "Partners in Crazy" for your knitting pleasure and help you banish
boring from your knitting!

KNITTING HINT: Using two balls of yarn allows for longer socks. Knit the legs long enough to show above boots tops. Longer legs equal warmer socks, too.

Try these sock partners!

Crazy Zauberball
2100 Domino and 1699 Lilac Flavor
The purples in Lilac Flavor are a perfect foil for the neutral colors in Domino.

COLOR HINT:Start with Domino for the cuffs. Switch to Lilac for the leg. Back to Domino for the heel. Then Lilac for the foot. Finish with Domino for the toe. Fun!

Crazy Zauberball 2332 Hourglass
Trekking Sport 1424 Medium Navy

COLOR HINT: Use Navy for the heels, toes, cuffs.