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Fall 2014 Newsletter
November                                                                                    2014
Happy Thanksgiving

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Our Mission:  We promote God's love to marginalized children of Uganda by providing education, community development, and Christian discipleship
Rev. John

     We are really grateful for the time PIM-USA board President Barb Retelny spent with us and that she witnessed the laying the foundation of the modern Kitchen and Dining Hall. In many ways, the visit was an opportunity to touch base and experience firsthand the fruit of a partnership that's transforming the Kamwenge community. We are grateful to God for all that was done while she was here.

     Our gratitude also goes to Gary Alcock's team that raised the funds for the kitchen, and for everyone who gave toward the cause. May the Lord bless you indeed. Because of everyone's efforts we are witnessing a beautiful reality forming at the school as the structure comes up. The Kitchen and Dining Hall are a great gift to the community, especially because they will host training in home economics. It will be the place to sensitize people about proper nutrition. It is a great contribution this year that raises the hopes of the community that such feats and much more are possible.

     We are ending the term in a couple of weeks but we will remain with some of the students through the holiday. This is the holiday when we have a conference to focus the minds of the youth on the Lord and on righteous living.

     The end of the year often has several stressing things, many happenings that cause anxiety in the hearts of people. Wars in Sudan, DR Congo, and the persistent insecurity in Kenya; our hearts are often not at rest because of such happenings. Yet in this time, we look to the Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus, to comfort us and to bring healing and reconciliation in these areas. May His peace abide in our hearts, in our families and in our communities in this season and through the coming year 2015. 


Rev. Canon John Mulindabigwi

Partners in Mission, Great Lakes Region of Africa.



News from Good Shepherd Primary School on the campus of KSVS
Primary 4 student in new classroom
Primary student in new classroom

     The pre-school, kindergarten, and primary school of Good Shepherd continues to grow in scope and quality under the exceptional leadership of Head Teacher Beth. Gentle, caring, and firm, she guides the children, visiting their families at home to encourage parents in ways to raise their children.  In Kamwenge, often parents do not have the skills to successfully guide their children.  The teachers at Good Shepherd model good parenting and advise parents.
     The 2014 school year will end on December 4 with a graduation for all kindergarten children. This year over 200 students were loved and educated at Good Shepherd.
     In time for classes that began in February, 2 new classrooms were built for Primary 3 and 4 students.  Good Shepherd is in the process of re-locating all classrooms across the road from Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School (KSVS) on KSVS property, where primary children can be educated separated from the older students.  It continues to operate under the direction of KSVS and Partners in Mission (Uganda).
     Because indigenous farming is a primary source of income for Kamwenge families, Good Shepherd children are introduced to best agriculture practices from an early age.
Children' s Vegetable Garden
        They learn to plant and care for crops as part of their curriculum.  Recently, Teacher Beth received 3 chickens as a gift.  She had a chicken house built adjacent to a goat house, by the teachers' house where she resides. She is using the chickens and goats to teach the children how to raise the animals themselves.  In time, some children will be able to pay their own school fees from earnings from their own animals.

         Sponsor a child at Good Shepherd School
     We have found that sponsored children do better academically at our school.  They develop a relationship with their sponsor and feel encouraged in their studies.  
     Please consider sponsoring a student in the new school year beginning in 2015.  Click here to join over 50 other sponsors who are making a difference in the lives of our children and older students.  For $30/month or $360/year, a child will receive a quality education at KSVS or Good Shepherd Primary School in Kamwenge, Uganda
Construction Underway for Kitchen and Dining Hall
     With donated funds from our Partners in Mission supporters, construction of the new Kitchen and Dining Hall began in October.  The architect, Joab, who also serves as the General Contractor, was on site as the work began.  When he is not present, KSVS masonry instructor Mzee Seth oversees the project.
Architect Joab
Architect Joab

Mzee Seth
Mzee Seth

     One day toward the end of October, students gathered around the site, forming a continuous oval around the foundation.  They took part in helping to move the bricks for the building by handing them off from one end of the site to the other.  The walls are due to go up within the next few weeks.  We look forward to the day when it is open to serve students and staff as well as train students to work in the hospitality industry.
Passing bricks with John and Barb
Rev. John and US board member Barb join students passing bricks for the foundation

Computers Provided by You through Your 2013 Christmas Gifts
     Many of you made contributions for computers through your 2013 Christmas giving. Because of your generous gifts, we were able to purchase 10 desk top computers for the KSVS Computer Lab in 2014.  
students in computer lab
Computer Class

A Christmas Giving Opportunity 
Christmas decorations Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

We are building the Graduates Scholarship Fund to provide University or advanced Vocational Training for our KSVS graduates.  Vocational training costs $1000/year; University costs $3000/year.  A student will complete their education in 3 - 4 years.  Our goal:  Send 10 students for vocational training or university in 2015.  You can help by making a secure donation here.
Prayer Requests
  • For our 5 KSVS graduates now attending University.  Alice, Christine, and Francis attend Bishop Stuart University in Mbarara.  Florence attends Uganda Christian University in Kampala.   Benjamin attends Mbarara University of Science and Technology
  • For PIM-Uganda board member Rev. Canon James Hende who suffered a stroke earlier this year and continues to recover slowly
  • That all teachers will agree to return to teach at KSVS next year beginning in February, 2015
  • Praise for the recently concluded outreach mission to the city of Mbarara by All Saints Church and the great harvest that witnessed there
Bike to the Lake 2015

Bike to the Lake 2015
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Saturday, August 8, 2015
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Barbara Retelny, President                Rev. Canon John Mulindabigwi,Coordinator
Marjorie Dolbeer, V. President           Canon Phinehas Nyenda, Chmn Emeritus
David Page, Treasurer                       Professor Jonathan Baranga, Chairman
Jessica Sinnott, Secretary                  Joel Mwesige
Bob Duncan                                        Rev. Canon James Hende
Ebralie Mwizerwa                                Rt. Rev. Canon Nathan Ahimbisibwe
Barbara Rundell, Sponsorship Chmn       
Michael Trout

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