February 2020 | VOL. 101
GOED Spring Forum
The 2020 South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development's Spring Forum will be held in Rapid City on April 21st. Keynote speaker, Jeff Finkle, President of the International Economic Development Council, will be joining Commissioner Steve Westra to talk about how we can better position South Dakota for growth. Registration will be open soon!

Happy Anniversary!
A special congratulations to LaJena Gruis (17 years) and Matt Brunner (1 year) on their work anniversaries with GOED! We are lucky to have you!

Senate Bill 157 to Provide Certainty and Predictability

Governor Kristi Noem recently introduced legislation that will set up a fair process for developers in rural South Dakota. “Too often,” Gov. Noem said, "rural development projects are delayed or even killed by cumbersome and unnecessary permitting processes.” See what people across the state are saying:

Marv Post, Chair of South Dakota Dairy Producers   – “Creating a predictable and consistent zoning process will allow families to expand their operations and maintain intergenerational dairies. It will add to the value of the corn, soybeans, hay growers, and communities where the dairies are centered and help revitalize towns, schools, businesses, and retailers in South Dakota. When we grow agriculture, there aren’t winners or losers – it benefits all South Dakotans. Thank you, Governor Noem for supporting producers through this bill.”

Gary Drewes, Pennington County Commissioner  – “When you look at our communities, a lot depends on agriculture. Timing is critical for rural developments, and this bill brings back more local control. We thank the governor and her team for bringing this forward.” 

District 29 Senator Gary Cammack  – “Anyone who knows South Dakota understands the importance of agriculture on our economy. This legislation is going to get value-added ag projects up and running. Thank you, Governor Noem, for your vision and leadership on this issue.”

Eric Jennings, President of South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association  – “Governor Noem’s bill will assist in streamlining the permitting process for animal feeding operations and provide additional opportunities for the next generation of farms and ranches to engage in agricultural pursuits in rural South Dakota. I’m thankful for the governor’s work to keep our state’s rural communities vibrant.”

Remembering Tony Klein
Our sympathies go out to the family of long-time Board of Economic Development member, Tony Klein. Tony was one of the original members appointed by Gov. George Mickelson in 1987. Tony passed away in January.
World Ag Expo
Commissioner Steve Westra, Business Development Director Joe Fiala, and Business Development Representative Kyle Peters are attending the World Ag Expo in California this week.

They spent some time visiting a couple dairy farms interested in South Dakota and stopped by the South Dakota Dairy Association booth.

LaJena Gruis, CDBG Program Manager & Grant Administrator for Building SD

Q: How many years have you been with GOED?
A: I started with GOED in February of 2003 as a Loan Servicing Agent

Q: What is the most surprising thing you've learned about economic development?
A: Economic development is definitely not a "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to communities and projects. It is ever-evolving to customize the needs of every community and project we serve.

Q: If you could sum up GOED's purpose, what would that be?
A: We work to expand primary job opportunities for all South Dakotans. We strive to retain and expand existing businesses, foster new businesses, facilitate business succession, and recruit out-of-state businesses.

Q: What is the best university in South Dakota and why?
A: Northern State University! My son plays football there and it has been a great school for him.

Q: What do you most about GOED?
A: TI love the people I work with every day and working to boost economic development in South Dakota!
Registration for the February Webinar is OPEN!
Join the GOED Community Development team on our next webinar in the Talent Development Series, "Workforce Development Ideas," on February 19 from
10:30- 11:30 a.m. CT. Register here, today.

A full listing of the 2020 webinar schedule can be found here.
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