A non-profit 501(c)3 ministry assisting globally with safe
and healthy water for survival. WAPI, an acronym for Water Pasteurization Indicator, is needed and used in developing countries and impoverished communities including the US. We teach villagers how to use the WAPI for safe water, personal hygiene and sanitation. 
A Gift of Life Through Safe Water!
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The Generous Suppliers 
WAPIs for the World would like to thank the suppliers who, through their generosity, granted us discounts on production materials and donated supplies for free. We are so grateful, God bless.

Suppliers of Production Materials
Don Kremer – Big supporter of WAPIs
Monterrey Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club 5230
Dr. Bob Metcalf, Ph.D.   WAPI co-inventor
Solar Cookers International, Dr. Metcalf was one of the founders of SCI and an expert on safe water issues.
Dr. Dale Andreatta, Ph.D. -- WAPI inventor with Dr. Fred Barrett
Researches water purification. He created the Solar Power Distiller.
Gary Munck -- Petroworks Products
Soon to create and produce a new and innovative WAPI far beyond anything available in today’s market. Even people in distant lands will be able to assemble .
Shawn Carpenter -- American Fishing Wire
WAPIs wire supplier
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Partners in Promoting WAPIs to the World  
Since WAPIs for the World i s a volunteer ministry, we are very pleased to have so many partners that give their precious time spreading the word about WAPIs. Some teach their neighbors, some teach at Universities how WAPIs are safe, inexpensive, durable and easy to use. Some spread the word through the missions in small villages and some take WAPIs to downtrodden areas across the world giving people hope, better health and higher spirits through drinking safe water. This is a short list of Partners.

Recently, Jonathan Opoku Oti from Ghana, asked for 100 WAPIs for disbursement. Bob Tait found out that the postage came to $375 plus $100 in tariff, two weeks travel time, and the package was detained by the custom services at the Ghanaian border. This is why we ask our friends to personally deliver WAPIs when they travel abroad. Will you help? Any inquiries call Bob Tait. 503-810-9643
The Mexican non-profit Un Kilo De Ayuda (A Kilo of Help ministry) received 1000 plus 350 WAPIs for distribution to villagers. One WAPI is given to each family for continual use. First and foremost, this ministry program educates villagers how to use the WAPI before they hand them out. Also, the women sign a contract stating they will utilize the WAPI every day to purify their drinking water and milk in order for their families to strengthen their immune system and become healthier. (We can create a special WAPI for goat or cow milk pasteurization.)

Promoting WAPIs to the World
Jonathan Opoku Oti Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Scientists (including climate change) PAUWES. Water and sanitation engineering, University of Capecoast, Cape Coast.

Marti & Rex Smith -- Supporters of WAPIs and other World Missions.

Sechaba Lyambai
Forest Inventories, Expert Botanist, GIS and Remote Sensing
Dean of Copper-belt, Kitwey, Zambia
Rodrigo Manon -- Un Kilo de Ayuda
(A Kilo of Help ministry)
Susan and Tom Carter of Agua Pura while visiting in Mexico went down to the capital to give a workshop with the non-profit Un Kilo de Ayuda. It was a great success and since then Kilo has been distributing WAPIs and have been testing water in communities where the people work. Also, they are interested in Bob Tait setting up WAPI productions. One in Mexico State and a second one in Hondorus.
Tom Carter Agua Pura Para El Pueblo
Executive Director  
In HAITI, Hovard Guerrier has been actively recruiting and training college student groups to help local communities and families have safe drinking water. Cholera is still a big danger in Haiti and it’s really satisfying to see pictures of young people using training materials and supplies to test the water and distribute WAPIs. If you are on Facebook you can see pictures of them on the Agua Pura page.
Tom Iberle – Friends of the Carpenter
Director and Production Facilitator
Friends of the Carpenter is a non-profit, faith-based day facility that provides safety, structure and purpose for vulnerable members of our community. WAPI has been using their work
space on Wednesdays for years. 
Mike Maksimowicz -- Ignite The World Ministries
Evangelist sharing Solar Power Bibles and WAPIs .
With the help of our partners the WAPI is expanding across the world. Thanks goes to all .
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  2. If you would like a WAPI, you may purchase one or more for $2.00 each. Also, we package larger orders of 50 for $100. To order please respond to Margo at margoWAPI@gmail com.
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